1. "I hear people say play at range but how am I supposed to play them on short range maps such as city or town maps"

  2. if the scouting reward exponentially increase with the amount of marking i made, i would be a SL millionare right now.

  3. ahh here we go again... people once again wanting some AI contoled stuff in PvP game modes, lol.

  4. j2m2 and some german bf-109 that can compete with this thing.

  5. So the napalm on the bf-109 doesn’t work and the rockets on the boat don’t work. Next the APHE she’ll on the amx50 will have no explosive filler.

  6. please dont paint the devil on the wall....

  7. yepp, definitely gona get that sellable coupon at lvl 105.

  8. swedish float plane and the xp-50 will be mine.

  9. t-34 tanks always been a borderline clubbers.

  10. WMA and PTL bumped up to 8.7.... well at least its a start(should been 9.0).

  11. Biggest idiot in the comments found, the WMA and PTL are 8.3 and should stay there, kids like you guys who can’t figure out how to kill a extremely light armoured large tank need to learn to stop ruining shit and practice

  12. nice try champ, troll someone else with this.

  13. rather this than another soviet copy paste panther.

  14. Hopefully eventually we can have real "mixed battles" and not just "ground battles where you can get in a plane and either fuck everyone up below 8.0 or die instantly above 8.0".

  15. here commes the "muhhh i have to drive for 5 minute" gang.

  16. Driving for 5mins was never really the issue I feel, what's bothering is driving for 5mins while being in the open the whole time and being able to be sniped from the other end of the map.

  17. i heard(lol) a lot of stories about the sound it makes... but i never seen any source about the weapons it could use or planed for this plane, anybody have any info about the weapons?

  18. good luck spoting in time the missile launch lol

  19. well here we go again... i try to get the tradable coupon for that copy paste bf-109, as for the amx-50 thats going into my french hangar, with that mobility and gun + reload speed its going to be a clubber.

  20. Has 25 pdr so has an AP with like 60-70mm penn and a heat round with similar penetration to BT-42. Would be pretty similar play style to Sherman 105.

  21. sound okay, but it will be in the same br level like the ac.1

  22. Anyone else feel like the mods are going to nuke this post like Hiroshima

  23. this post? more like the whole sub...

  24. Nah, the Pr. 183 BM-21 is actually quite unique. Wayyyy more than this Bf-109.

  25. damn it... i hoped that i can skip this BP.

  26. last day i killed 5 enemy air target in tank RB with my gepard... it was not even worth of 1000 mission point according to the game.

  27. "So why does the F-82 get all of the attention?"

  28. gajjin be like: okay... r2y2 to 9.0 in next br update.

  29. to bad the tank aged poorly, not saying its useless... but the lack of stabiliser really hinders its perormance.

  30. Well, armor should still be pretty good against APDS and perhaps even APFSDS from some angle and its gun is still a 300+mm penning APCBC shell every 10 seconds, meaning it'll one-shot anything you see, something that is not so prevalent with the vehicles of those BRs anymore due to relying on APDS, APFSDS and HEAT-FS. On top of that, the mobility is still amazing for its armor. I'd still take the Moon Rover over the IS-7 though as that's just an IS-7 with an even stronger round, even more rounded armor and a stabilizer for just a 0.3 BR increase.

  31. "Well, armor should still be pretty good against APDS and perhaps even APFSDS from some angle"

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