1. IMO Bilal seems more likely to be behind the scenes and/or as a co-conspirator with Adnan. I don’t think it makes sense that Bilal would have committed the crime himself and that wouldn’t make sense with Jay.

  2. I was thinking this too.. But this is still the beginning of season 1 and the pilot and the rest of the season have some slight differences as well. I can't remember when they first talked about her being vegan. Maybe the Black Friday episode? But that was season 2

  3. It looks as if you may have mentioned a mass shooter's name in your post. Please consider editing to redact these names as to not provide the infamy and notoriety many of these criminals seek.

  4. He talks when he’s in the Smurf costume in the Halloween episode when they all have to defend the background of their costumes

  5. Ohh maybe no one actually fails it and that was just a rumor so everyone would take it seriously. I mean if everyone passed there, because let's be real, everyone should have failed haha

  6. That dude at the beginning of the episode had failed it the previous year and that’s why he was taking it again. He was annoyed that Amy made him admit to having failed it before.

  7. Hahaha the instructor probably passed everyone so he wouldn't have to deal with them coming back again. LoL if I were teaching that class, I wouldn't want anyone in that class coming back 🤣

  8. The show could come back again though as it now has several times right?

  9. If Bilal instructed Adnan to kill Hae, I firmly believe Adnan would’ve rolled on Bilal a long time ago. He wouldn’t say “I didn’t do it.” Adnan would say “I was groomed and coerced by an authority figure.”

  10. I think the reason(s) Adnan wouldn’t turn on Bilal are 1. that Bilal had done things to him that Adnan doesn’t want to come out, and/or 2. Adnan still committed the actual murder so he would still be confessing to that, and/or 3. Bilal is a scary dude who people believe can find ways to have someone killed

  11. You call people stupid and unintelligent all over this sub. It’s not a good look on you.

  12. Thank you for doing this. I agree it’s irrefutable.

  13. Corner Gas. It’s on FreeVee through Amazon Prime. Also Superstore.

  14. Well then I guess “team Adnan” are better advocates than “team guilty”. I’m on Reddit for sport. Not for a living. Team Adnan has an answer to the most salient “facts” that are thrown out there in support of guilt. Team Guilt can’t seem to overcome that.

  15. If you’re going to make posts like this stating a strong opinion, it’d be better to have done more reading on the case than you seem to have. Have you looked at

  16. Or slightly older sibling whose sister is cooler than her vibes.

  17. 23 years is insanely long for ANYONE, let alone a 17-year-old CHILD. And that’s exactly what a 17 yo is—a literal, goddamn CHILD. This country’s concept of prison time is so completely out of whack.

  18. But she had to stumble upon the truth. His omission was pretty large.

  19. Yeah the security tape just happened to stop at that exact moment…🙄

  20. It feels like they are trying to restructure the show with the new changes by adding Barb and changing Cheryl’s character entirely. I think because they did so many changes they are focusing on laying the groundwork for a plot which is disappointing to happen on a second season. I think Barb was a good edition but they should’ve blended her with the rest of the cast instead where watching this new girl come in follow her life and see the occasional main cast and what they are doing around her.

  21. I don’t get why they are changing Cheryl so dramatically. It’s not working. She was over the top before but Mandy helped balance her out. Now that she’s back in the relationship, she’s lost all her drive which I guess may be the point they are trying to make? I dunno, but I hope they revert Cheryl back to her character in Season 1.

  22. Here he says he gave the Asia letter immediately to CG which is blatantly false.

  23. the low amount of Kelly-Shrub shenanigans and Cheryl being a chicken lady. I hope mandy’s talk snaps her out of that because it was boring in my opinion.

  24. Totally agree re: Cheryl and chickens and Mandy calling her out on it (finally!)

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