1. For me, it was the moments when she was sweet and kind. It wasn’t bad all the time. She also had moments of empathy, although I don’t know if she was playing the part or genuinely meant it.

  2. “Someone got into the ingredients? Whaaaa? Who could have done this?”

  3. It’s the couple’s wedding. They can decide whatever they want. It’s about them in the end. If there’s no booze, then there’s no booze. I can respect that and the couple’s wishes. You can still have a good time without it, and if you need to have alcohol to have a good time, you might have bigger problems to deal with.

  4. I was going to say “I don’t talk to men.” And if I do, they’re usually gay.

  5. “Where’s the fish, Wandering_Academic?”- Monster

  6. Yep. Mine was emotionally and verbally abusive that lasted over 2 yrs with her saying she met someone new and bye basically. I was the older one though. I was around 29 and she was 27 at the time. My first everything. A lot of nasty thing were said and texted to me. “I’m ashamed to be seen in public with you.” “I fell in love with your body but your face is not attractive.” “I’m done being with complete losers” “ you’re not smart, funny, or witty enough. I don’t enjoy being around you. Boring.” One time when she was having a bad day I texted that I wasn’t angry at or towards her. She just texted back “pathetic.” There’s more shit too. All these words go through my head every day since the discard.

  7. Omg. That's seriously horrible. I'm so sorry. My god what a vile way of speaking to someone. She sounds like a cruel toxic bully.

  8. Also another interesting tidbit.. the girl she discarded me for a regular on this very same subreddit. Again it really fucks with you when you read about their relationship. It’s like she completely has changed.

  9. I’m shocked that the crowd just let the guy walk away after knocking the lady unconscious

  10. Damn. On the flip side of that, my ex told me when she broke up with me with these exact words:

  11. It always reminded me of a muscle car and I think that’s what Gibson was going after. This and the Les Paul GT had car vibes. (The Les Paul does not have the stripes or tailpiece, but has flames at the bottom)

  12. Reminds me of like a late 60s Chevelle SS. I've never seen a guitar that instantly made me think of muscle cars lol

  13. The Gibson Les Paul Corvette 1960 gives the GT a run for its money, but I don’t know if any regular production Gibsons that does.

  14. How about on the metal side of things Marlene and the Sons of Disaster?

  15. I haven’t heard of this series! I got to check it out.

  16. I have a switch but haven’t used it in almost a year. I mainly been playing Fortnite, Animal Royale, and Phasmophobia on the pc. Would love to play with others!

  17. …. So does this mean the nasty mod is still there?

  18. Really? I really haven’t been in there since my ban, but can anyone else confirm? Or have a link to the deleted message?

  19. Such a friend-shaped cat, but I’m sure it would try to murder me the first chance it got.

  20. I believe this was posted earlier today or yesterday and it was determined that it is actually some sort of mating display accompanied by attempts to mate with said patch.

  21. I was always told I was “not smart or witty or funny enough. I don’t enjoy being around you. Boring.” And the thing is I asked (and still ask) everyone around me if they enjoy spending time with me. The walking on eggshells definitely rings true for me, because I never could tell what version of her I was going to get and it could change in an instant.

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