1. Birthday girl to her friends “…watch out for the old weirdos.”

  2. Thanks for your time, we are looking for different things.

  3. Test results don’t mean anything about what someone did 20 minutes ago?

  4. He’s a grown man, he can make his own decisions. Half the people in the LS have or use viagra, why do you think they refer to it as “swingers insurance”

  5. I mean, yeah, it’s prescribed. It’s like one of the most prescribed medications in the world.

  6. Get out there and meet real live swingers face to face in the flesh.

  7. Not sure why you can’t keep doing the meeting and planning and just bring her along.

  8. Sounds like your in a good situation, not really what we are going through but appreciate the input regardless. Can I dm for 1 question, need a womans perspective on 1 thing

  9. I think it’s only fair that you give your invited guest a heads up on how you envision the night going before he spends time on an intimate type quiet dinner on a Saturday night with you.

  10. We for sure have. He's very happy going slow and has even said he wants to build trust with us before jumping into anything too. That's why it seems like he has his head on straight.

  11. Those that are ready to go at first meet can have their heads in straight too.

  12. They would like you to talk dirty to them and share naked pictures. They have no intention of ever meeting.

  13. We had a happen chance spur of the moment threesome with my hot roommate when we were young and dating.

  14. We long ago agreed the LS will never cause issues, even an argument, with us so you can take that how you will.

  15. While online is a big waste of time and we meet others face to face at swinger events, if you don’t/can’t/won’t share face pics of both of you together within the first few messages of exchanging pleasantries we just aren’t the right fit. No big deal.

  16. There’s several in the area. They’ve been sold out for a while.

  17. Why would you scare someone off? If you’re a bi man interested in bi play you would need to let that be known.

  18. Yeah, no one is jealous here and we absolutely treat all people as, well, people. We often get compliments about how pressure free we are when it comes to single women. The “over my shoulder” comment was meant to reference the fact that my wife is entirely in the loop, she just doesn’t want to chat with people until we’re fairly certain it isn’t a catfish looking for nudes.

  19. Yeah, we don’t share nudes with those we’ve never played with. If someone is just looking for some dirty chat and a bunch of naked pics they are not getting them from us.

  20. Yeah that’s the bit that I’m talking about: the “chat a little bit beyond pleasantries.” We’ve found that asking to meet shortly after connecting isn’t often successful, so what are you saying in that little bit that gets you there. That’s the part where I’m trying not to come across creepy but also express interest, but also not be anyone’s boyfriend.

  21. I guess as the women half of the couple, me asking to meet right away almost always goes over well.

  22. Say no the same way you want to be told no when it’s your turn.

  23. NYE (and Halloween) isn’t really a good example of the LS as a whole. It’s when vanillas think it would be a good time to go to a dirty swinger club. And dress up.

  24. IME a lot of people give it a go and decide it’s not really for them. Perfectly normal. If you’re interested and think it MIGHT be something you may be into, how would you ever know you like it or not unless you test it out?

  25. Most of the hotel takeovers we’ve been to have things going on besides the big party. I’d highly recommend doing all the things as corny as they may seem. The meet and greets, speed dating, the get togethers before the big events. It can help get a feel for things and a great way to meet other people, especially other first timers.

  26. I think OTHER PEOPLE can do things anyway they see fit and YOU can do things your own way.

  27. I agree with you…though I would also probably judge a little. 😆 is this guy probably a sleaze bag? Yes. But, it’s also possible that they were swingers before the baby and already did solo play. If wife isn’t willing to verify, then move on. If it feels wrong, move on. If you post about it on Reddit, expect different opinions.

  28. Personally and internally judge and think of it a certain way? Sure.

  29. A consultant hired by your company asked to speak to your wife? About your life/work balance and then started sexting with her and sharing this with you?

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