1. Love seeing the process and especially how you have the “story” of the look. That concept has confused me a little bit now I’m getting it 💗

  2. This response makes me want to post a spread for people to comment on 💀

  3. I think you need to read this. It’s called “Why Does He Do That” and it explains this behavior really well and how you can deal with it

  4. LMAO why am I doing this with white now 😭 I had this same feeling for cottage core (overdid it & didn’t consider functionality) and now my wardrobe is quite… regrettable 🥴

  5. I have so many eyelet blouses and they do NOT flatter me

  6. And ironically nothing is more method than Cox belittling the way his tv son chooses to do his job.

  7. Daniel Day-Lewis staying in a wheelchair the whole time while filming 'My Left Foot', was a prime example of someone taking it too far IMO.

  8. This makes a lot of sense to me, it’s not really different from actors who need to prepare physically for roles of dancers, boxers, etc. Acting is speaking but also posture, movement, expression.

  9. I skip rope for about 10-20 min on the days I don’t do tennis. If you get the right music on, it’s super fun, especially if you like to dance/trick skip

  10. Thanks! Third and 7th are my favourite!:)

  11. They are both flattering, I think 7 seems the most “you” though. Maybe it’s the addition of horizontal line (belt) or diagonal (bag)?

  12. Where are these cashmere split-side pants from 😍 I love all of it

  13. This is so fun! I love that there’s a backpack in “sensual” - I’m LU but I still love the feeling of shrugging into one and hugging the straps close.

  14. I promise that librarians do not hate you (source, am a librarian) a bit frustrated? Probably, especially if they are newer items that they just ordered, but they do not hate you. Also if that librarian (or staff member) was judging you they aren’t a good library staff person

  15. I like this librarian adhd group, hi friends! I am always paying for overdue/lost books. I use my kids’ cards whenever I can because they don’t get late fines 😬

  16. I brought earrings on a vacation, lost one back, so didn’t wear them home but packed them “somewhere safe”, got home, found out I had lost the one WITH a back. They were my favorite AND real gold, so I special ordered another earring and an extra back. Now I can’t find the one earring that survived the trip so I still have only a single earring (but two earring backs)

  17. RU- maybe the Power? Radiant energy, refined silhouettes, the traditional-leaning accessories feel Right to me

  18. Oh, interesting! She is definitely radiant, but I thought she dresses with enough intrigue and sensuality to push her into the left. But I seem to be pretty bad at understanding how left vs right manifests in the up quadrants. 😆

  19. You can definitely make an argument for LU! I think some of the patterns (irregular, tie dye, ombré, animal print) are recommended for left. And the sandals in the stairway pic have an interesting, proportion to them that could be left, but then it’s part of a monochromatic look with gold belt that matches the anklet. I think the way she uses color is more R, like it’s inspiring instead of intriguing. Curious what other people think for sure!

  20. That marble effect is dope!!! Is it clear glaze over?

  21. I guess SN, blunt yang, you see enough of her frame to bypass R. And I think “fresh and sensual lady” is a good type (although I mostly know her from FNL)

  22. Are you blind? He clearly spits on him in the video, Pine even reacts to it (like a gentleman and holds his composure). Styles looks absolutely livid when he sits down as well.

  23. Look at Olivia’s expression too! She goes from smiling and clapping to uncomfortable and tense. Weird

  24. I think the Icon= Artist is super interesting! And she does have some outfits that would look good on RU ladies as well. I hate to say something like “I don’t see radiance” bc it sounds like a put-down and I think she looks fantastic! But I’m wondering what you see in the photos that seems more radiant than magnetic?

  25. She looks left up to me. Gravity, Intriguing, Extravagant, Effort

  26. I vote Left Up. Intriguing, dramatic, but also sensual and wild. The fabric is luxe, which I think is confusing for “radiant”- but the shapes are loose and flowy/organic as opposed to structured/traditional.

  27. It’s crazy to remember he had a whole plagiarism scandal, but all along he could write this well 💀

  28. I see Refined, the Sun, Glamorous, Effort. So RU and The Playful Dame/Princess. Gorgeous!

  29. This looks like a good fit, you look so happy in your pics!!

  30. I'm super excited to get the explanation of this archetype. Those are pics of me in the last 3 slides--just had a Gentle Guidance with Rita today. Woohoo! I love the cohesion and intimidation of The Siren.

  31. You look great! I especially love the middle pic, the pattern over texture and the HAIR

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