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  1. No way they’re entirely custom. Why would they make different molds for every time a pos system and waste money changing it every time. Hardware wise everything should be relatively standardized. If you’re talking software no one is paying an engineer to make entirely new software for every pos system requested from line one. Giving it a fresh coat of ms paint and changing the UI maybe but anything past UI is likely reused.

  2. It's all licensed software that has to be operated on licensed equipment. Some companies will replace the equipment if it's under a sort of warranty plan or subscription, depending on the company, but many don't.

  3. it’s not the software that was damaged, it’s the screen

  4. I was pretty young, went camping with my dad in Alabama. It’s late at night, the embers of the fire are dying down, we’re about to go to sleep, when we hear what I can only describe as a bone-chilling moan in the woods.

  5. I swear I've read something similar to this from the woman's point of view. Maybe AITA or LegalAdvice? Not sure if the woman in that story was drunk or whatnot, but she was left behind by her boyfriend after an argument. I think she ended up pressing charges and the boyfriend was jailed for it, but I can't seem to find anything from a quick mobile search.

  6. Where do you live where they stayed the same? The dropped pretty significantly in Augusta and are quite a bit lower than South Carolina

  7. Saw very little change in Savannah, and of course it went right back up.

  8. I’m pretty sure it’s a regional thing. Most people around me call them shooters but I have also heard nips as well.

  9. We call them nips in the US southeast, as well.

  10. Full sad is buckets of tears. Medium sad is the single tear rolling down the cheek.

  11. Plugging it into Google Translate gives me "Johnny Laval Bone Pojo Station" from Chinese.

  12. Jiuzhuang is definitely "winery". The rest I'm not sure, but bao can be Fort or Chateau and the rest is probably rough translation of names. Lafayette comes up in Google translate and seems likely?

  13. This comment section is so pretentious I might drown in the irony of some of these reviews

  14. Yes, apparently anyone who dared to enjoy this book is pretentious, a pseudo-intellectual, a non-reader, a beginner, a teenager/child, or a wannabe influencer. Did I miss anything?

  15. i would like to hear the favorite books of people who read the alchemist after age 20 and thought it was good

  16. It's condescending, with an s. You might want to fix that...

  17. because in lots of places you aren't allowed to quit your job. like that's probably true for half the planet. it's not really propaganda.

  18. Nah, I realized that and deleted my reply. Not quick enough for ya.

  19. This sub is pretty terrible. It's either here's a picture of my new stock gen5 sitting in a driveway, here's a picture of my washed rav4, or here's a picture of my mpg. Barely any information or talk about the actual car and most of the content is just something we can see if we google the car.

  20. To add to that, it's basically a "new" RAV4 community. I drive a 2011 and barely anything on the gear/add-ons threads works for me. Granted, it's over ten years old and I shouldn't expect broad community support, but I have to admit that I thought there'd be more talk about older models of a vehicle known for its reliability.

  21. Not sure if it would be any better for you, but there is also

  22. Oooh, thanks. I'll check them out!

  23. The place I work was just so regularly out of shit during COVID procedures. The managers would never 86 when I told them and the servers would bitch about going to tell the person we don't have x. Then they'd go and tell a manager and the manager would just tell me to make whatever anyway. So I just gave up and did that. I make sure to never switch it up to the point that it could be an allergy problem but otherwise I just don't have any give a shit left in me anymore.

  24. Add to that the fact that Irish whiskey and Canadian whisky are both blended whiskies and have a high allowance for neutral grain spirit, I'd imagine most folks would be hard pressed to tell the difference unless they already knew.

  25. I've been sober for over a year. Just saying 10 a day is fairly low for an alcoholic.

  26. All different sorts of alcoholics. Some might pound a case of bud heavies once a month, while others might have a problem drinking three scotch-on-the-rocks every day after work. I know where you're coming from, but there's no reason to quantify alcoholism.

  27. That’s true, my take is that in practice there is an element of self-diagnosis to alcoholism. For example, I’ve know folks that put away half a fifth of liquor a night and those that did not even have a drink every night. While chronic health problems usually were the indicator of alcoholism for the former, the latter usually had behavioral issues. For example, they may drink once a week but get blacked out and make terrible decisions. For many, it is up to the person to determine if drinking is a problem.I

  28. Neither is Chicago, I thought? Isn't Chicago famous for deep dish? Am I missing the joke?

  29. It definitely has better headliners.

  30. I can't even figure out what argument he's trying to make here.

  31. Most folks aren't "forgetting" anything. The Supreme Court doesn't just overturn federal law all willy nilly and they don't have veto power. Cases have to go through an entire system before making it to the SC and they have to present constitutional basis for overturning a law. RvW is likely being overturned because the current justices feel that the 1972 court overreached that. It's not about them overturning laws.

  32. Edited out the "projecting" and unnecessary insults, tldr:

  33. I feel like you're projecting a lot into a fairly simple title.

  34. How the fuck do you Americans function as a society, like I’m genuinely concerned

  35. Most of us living in cities or along the coasts don't encounter this stuff on a daily basis in our personal lives, or often at all really. We even happen to be the majority. The more rural and central/Midwestern areas where land has voting power tend to fuck it up for the rest of us.

  36. Thankfully, like cockroaches, scorpions can't fly, imagine a flying Scorpion. I'd leave this earth immediately.

  37. Not all roaches can fly. Some can only flutter downward and some don’t ever fly. Unfortunately the primary large ones here in Florida, American Roaches or commonly called Palmetto Bugs can fly when they want to but usually just scurry around.

  38. I certainly never said all roaches fly, but this is all important information for those visiting the southeast anyhow.

  39. Well objectively speaking flume is about 3629x better. No hate on diplo, flume just makes really really good music

  40. You can't go around using the term "objectively" then throw out a clearly subjective opinion.

  41. Okay so this is totally understood if youre ordering this from somewhere where coffee is not the specialty, or in this case a special kind of coffee like vietnamese or cuban. But if I order (cold) coffee no ice from almost anywhere else, especially a starbucks or something, you better damn well fill the cup

  42. The iced coffee is priced out to the volume of the product with the ice in the cup. It's completely reasonable to give you the same amount of coffee that any other patron gets, ice or not.

  43. Ok that's something someone wouldn't mind doing and something that's actually a life hack.

  44. No salt? Where would that save a customer any money?

  45. While I appreciate the time and effort you put into your post, please realize that what you're saying in no way contradicts the post you replied to a tick up.

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