1. There’s a ton of these guys at Mt. Auburn Cemetery. Their “chi chi chi” calls ring throughout.

  2. oh awesome, I’ll have to go check that out! thank you

  3. I’ve been told it’s either slime mold or stump flux. Either way our tree stump is decomposing in a colorful (& smelly) fashion.

  4. https://i.imgur.com/x9xuYK6.jpg

  5. Are those green leaves in the top left corner connected to this stump? If so it could be that there's still some circulation happening there, preventing the stump from drying out completely. In that case you could consider removing those side-branches, or girdling the stem of the big trunk.

  6. Ah, good eye! I’ll check today. There’s another tree behind us that constantly showers the yard with weeds so there are a lot of random little tree seedlings that haven’t been weeded out yet but if it’s attached to the tree that makes a lot of sense.

  7. we went to the vet and there was no chip. We are going to reach out to local shelters and see if anyone is looking for him. Vet said he’s a healthy 3 month boy!! She also says that happens all the time where people leave unwanted dogs in trash cans :/

  8. awww. hoping you’re little Puck’s christmas miracle ✨✨

  9. Looks like Bjerkandera adusta. It's not a parasitic fungi, so should be on dead wood.

  10. phew thank you! I kept thinking it was some kind of thrasher but the location didn’t match up.

  11. ty! I was between that and a warbler but I see in one of my pictures he’s got more black on his wings, so that makes more sense. :)

  12. It's the males that have more red on their heads. Downy woodpeckers are indeed very small, but they are brave and all around :)

  13. I love this. ty. she was very small but very mighty.

  14. Looks like it to me. (Dark cap, graduated tail feather length, strong supraorbital ridge)

  15. very cool, ty! the explanation is also very much appreciated!

  16. The first is a Cooper’s Hawk, and the second is a Red-tailed Hawk, that last photo gives us a good look at the patagial bar on the wing

  17. awesome - thank you SO much!

  18. tysm! I feel like that’s what the tail looks like for sure.

  19. I've had really good luck reaching out to the Rhode Island Historical Society - it takes them a bit to reply but they'll scan/link you any articles your ancestors show up in via their database.

  20. It's a harmless Eastern Garter snake, not venomous but will bite and shit all over you haha.

  21. just downloaded that snake snap app!! thank you for the suggestion.

  22. yess thank you!! he tried to jump at me but it was cute being so small. 🥰

  23. That's so true. Even today, if you add too much water to formula you can give a baby seizures. In fact, a seizure disorder can also cause malnutrition because it sometimes presents in infants as numerous instances of vomiting.

  24. ugh sorry to hear this all got so out of hand.

  25. I hope you don't mind me asking, is that a private viewing spot or public?

  26. technically private but shared w a multitude of other building residents

  27. It was gorgeous. That thing is amazing and now I've seen one in person.

  28. didn’t think I’d be so impressed but they were beautiful 🥰

  29. we have an “Otter” in our tree and i’ve been trying to track down where it comes from for ages. they came from England and settled in Massachusetts.

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