What's the lamest way that you injured yourself badly?

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  1. Yeah, meanwhile I know people who've had threatening messages from abusive exes coming from Parchman. Clearly cell phones aren't hard to get over there and yet they don't do shit about death threats from within. But god forbid you accidentally have one, then it's 12 years.

  2. I previously worked at Parchman and can confirm numerous cell phones in contraband busts. Even game consoles at times.

  3. We talking handheld or like CONSOLE console? Also hiiiiii

  4. Former industry analyst here. Qualifications: critical analysis and writing ability. You basically write reports for a living. I did have client interactions a lot but I’m an extroverted introvert. This means I’m good at public speaking, interacting with clients, etc. but it drains all my energy and I need a nap after.

  5. I'm interested in doing something similar, but I have no idea where to start for an entry level position. Like OP, I'm currently doing helpdesk (2 years next month), and it's my first IT-adjacent job after graduating over 6 years ago. I don't want to do it for the rest of my life, and I'd like to get out before it gets even more difficult to pivot to other positions.

  6. I wasn't looking as closely as I should and assumed that a pretty deep hole was a slope.

  7. My mom asked me why we have to wear masks over our noses.

  8. I know you've been at this for hours, and this may get lost, but:

  9. These same people who spout these platitudes then shame you for not trying hard enough and for being unemployed and badger you "why you don't have a job" endlessly!

  10. I'd argue it's less friends and more family doing this. I remember being unemployed and initially having some comfort from immediate family before it quickly turned into day-to-day belittling and berating for not having a job. Friends were the only ones who helped keep me together through those times.

  11. If your family has time to belittle you, they have time to help you get a job through their network.

  12. I feel you on that, OP. When we were heavily migrating computers over to Win10, wrote a step-by-step guide on transferring files to their Z:\ or external drive and how to put them back. Written plain as day and included pictures.

  13. If you actually want to know who uses an application, then you need to use Software Metering. It's directly under Assets & Compliance. There you enter the .exe names you want to track, and you get reports which users use which application for how many hours a day.

  14. I did give it a shot, and it's not even in our software metering. I'll tell him in the phone meeting today that I've been looking for a way to report on it but to no avail right away. Thank you so much for responding and letting me know about that, kind redditor.

  15. My comment probably won't be of any real help but I relocated from MI to NV (Las Vegas) and I remember struggling pretty bad to land an interview with LV companies for the same reasons you mentioned (you're not around, sorry!!!).

  16. Thank you so much for commenting! I'm shooting for more entry level positions that I'm qualified for (similar boat -- I got my MBA during a stint of unemployment), and being stuck out there for any longer length of time is a major fear of mine. I'll keep on applying until my fingers bleed until I finally get a bite. I'll talk to my aunt again since she's a headhunter and might have some info on getting work where I want to go.

  17. Thanks for asking. In a typical day I may work a daily rep[ort, grant access for associates company wide in varying platforms. I do not code...we have systems analysts that do that. The team I am currently on works closely with 5-7 other business areas on behalf of our members. So a lot of my day is meetings for information gathering, then I assemble that information and add it to multiple databases and audit templates for accuracy. I am also tasked with process improvement (a little...we have process improvement analysts as well), & working in multiple platforms to complete my job duties. I am new to my BA position (held it about 6 months now) and so I have not yet come across having to network with IT. However, I did work with IT when I developed a process for my last business unit.

  18. Thanks for replying, OP. I initially wanted to be a business analyst after graduating (had a job lined up and everything, too), but family issues arose and I wound up getting sidetracked from IT for over 5 years. I finally landed a sys admin role that's basically helpdesk, and I just hit my one year anniversary last week. I want out while the getting's good, but it's hard for me to leave this state.

  19. Sadly, that sounds about the right amount of responses. Good luck.

  20. With all of the conventions for resume writing and suggestions, I'm almost tempted to go back to a 1-2 sentence description as well. I was told to go to bullets, and I'm sorta regretting it now since I haven't had many bites.

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