LGTV+ prayer, but why ncc?

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  1. Bruh :) , naughty boy , Go to Sidhra or surinsar road

  2. Thanks bhai abhi waha ke thane main btata hu 😂😂

  3. This video also talks about the report which is pending after the horrible stampede at mata vaishno devi.

  4. Ncc be like --------- paiso ke liye kya kya karna parta hai ( achha hua video thik se nahi aayi).

  5. Akhnoor ki ek library k 20 students ka naam SI ki list meh tha

  6. Yeah bro it is very important for us as you can see 60voltage in input indicator.

  7. Yess , hehe Single batti ( if you're Dogra you'll understand this )

  8. Bhai meh toh walk krne gya tha, puri shirt gili ho gyi

  9. Bruh Gandhinagar light 10 min aa rhi 10 min ja rahi :(

  10. Yaar bohat ho gya hai , yeh madarchodo ko khatam krna padega jaldi , We need to save India from this terrorism

  11. Mc Shaadi he nhi krni , meh chala Uganda ya fir Cuba

  12. 24 and light show from 8pm onwards but music starts playing from 7 pm

  13. Had a great experience last time , not so far from Gandhinagar

  14. Yep and being somewhat away from the main city makes it pollution and noise free too. Great place to chill

  15. Abe maine bhi daala ek post poochne ke liye lol.

  16. Bencho saare invention hum ladko ki importance ko reduce hi kyu karte

  17. Ye toh ek panth 2 kaaj ho gya Jb massage krni hai tb massage aur nhi toh vibrator ki tarah upyog kro 😂

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