1. You’ll get much more useful answers from your target audience rather than asking other developers. Also, you need to be more specific in what you’re asking about if you want to have useful answers.

  2. Yea I agree, I’m unsure what the best social media platform would be for that. Wouldn’t fault tiktok for it

  3. I have a plan, that doesn’t involve social media - at least for the inner circle of my target audience. I know where they are, and I know how to grab their attention.

  4. I’m confused, because my platformer game has 200k + followers on tiktok. I think tiktok has a large audience that can cater to any game with the correct marketing strategies

  5. If you’re referring to your game Billie Bust Up, you’ll see that your game and the platformer that OP has are worlds apart.

  6. I realize it was a mistake since I don't know Twitter and I intent to spend my marketing efforts elsewhere, so I close the account again.

  7. How do you intend to have a relationship with thousands of buyers? Nobody cares about the developers of games, they just buy the game. Other game developers is not your audience for a game.

  8. Again: How do you know that nobody cares about the developers? What are you basing that statement on?

  9. I'm curious about why you chose not to post in subreddits that are directly related to indie games when making this announcement. Is it purely a case of not coming off as spammy?

  10. Looking at your posts, I believe you made the right decision to make few quality posts rather than spraying copy-paste quantity posts.

  11. The only viable option I could think of would be to make it like a christmas calendar. You count down to christmas eve from 1. december and onwards with a small part of the story each day. Then in the end you save Santa (or something)

  12. If you want good solid cover art that looks professional, $1200 is actually a very fair price. I would say quite cheap.

  13. One mistake I see many making, and also one that you’re about to make here, is to see out the one and only strategy to a successful marketing campaign. There is no such thing.

  14. By the looks of the trailer, I get too many The Sims 2.0-vibes. At the moment it feels too much like a re-creating of The Sims and not something actually new.

  15. An even more curious twist to the tale of flexi discs: They were also used to distribute video games.

  16. I’m newly a stay at home dad (6 month old) and I’m actually using my turntable about 80% more because I’m actually home all the time now. Also my baby boy loves having some jams on. But yeah there are times when I’m like… nah I don’t feel like sitting him down, listening to him cry, putting a record on, picking him up, sitting him down, picking up the needle, flipping the record, picking him back up etc etc etc.

  17. When my child was at that age, black metal was the music that instantly made him fall asleep. Ah yes, the soothing sound of blastbeats, tremolo picking and shreicking vocals.

  18. Coretex Records in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Whenever I’m visiting Berlin, I have to go to Coretex. They specialize in punk and also do a bit of metal.

  19. Looks good, but its too long for a teaser and not enough content for a trailer 🤔

  20. I agree that it may be somewhat too long. Maybe cut 10-15 seconds. Besides that, I think it does a great job at what a teaser trailer should do: to tease something.

  21. You put a doll model in a scene with some mood lighting and camera blur for 50 god damn seconds. Is there an actual game? How long have you been working on it?

  22. As you say yourself: Run some playtests and then base the rewards on their performances.

  23. Really nice. A little place for a variety of creatures.

  24. Usually a lot of spiders and beetles hang out there. When they’re heated by the sun, butterflies and flies like to sunbathe there.

  25. That sounds wonderful. Do you have any issues keeping the pond clean? I'd like to add a water feature myself as summers get very hot where I live, but I'm concerned about keeping the water clean and free of mosquitoes which are quite prevalent in the United States

  26. My biggest issue is battling algae. It’s mainly because it’s so small that it becomes a problem.

  27. In the Netherlands most punk bands sing in English by far. Some sing in Dutch, but they are exceptions. Lots of new pop, hip hop and indie music is in Dutch.

  28. Whenever I’m on holiday, I always try and visit a record store to get some local music souvenirs back home. That way I have discovered Eefje De Visser, Drum&Beeker, and Dewolff.

  29. Cool. More on the indie/rock side of things. Eefje and Drum&Beeker sing Dutch. Dewolff doesn't AFAIK. For punk in Dutch, check uit Ploegendienst, Gewapend Beton, Hang Youth, Toprot. Heideroosjes and Human Alert have some songs in Dutch. Boegies. I can't think of any others, but I'm sure there's more. I could easily name 10x as many who sing in English.

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