1. In 2003 he said that his favorite song is "God Only Knows" by The Beach Boys. Guess it has now fallen out of the top 100?

  2. IIRC, this is addressed in the book. I listened to the audiobook the weekend it came out so it’s been a little while.

  3. Polaris Domino’s. Cashier had the nerve to ask why I didn’t leave a tip on a carry out order.

  4. Tipping carry out is so insane to me. And yes, I worked restaurants.

  5. Same. I remember we would always hope they’d throw a couple bucks at us just because free money, but to outright expect 20% on a takeout order is atrocious. I scooped ice cream in high school and now the local place (way overpriced, like $7 for a single scoop) has that iPad thing and one of the guys always gets this nasty look on his face when I hit the “no tip” for scooping my ice cream. It’s getting insane… or maybe I’m just getting old and grumpy

  6. Yeah I can’t speak for other bands and other releases of course, I’m sure someone somewhere may have said this and then backtracked. Wasn’t trying to be snarky to you either, I was legitimately asking because maybe it had happened with some other PT release and I just didn’t know.

  7. Ah, that’s alright! Snark is assumed on the Internet for me. Something like Spiral Circus has never been reissued. Metanoia has never been reissued on vinyl. I’ve read and watched a lot of SW interviews over the years. And as he says in his book, he lies a lot. I had a copy of the red Anesthetize special edition. Sold it for needed cash a decade ago. I don’t have the 4LP, would love to though!

  8. For sure! Spiral Circus is the only PT vinyl release I don’t have, I was like 10 years old when it came out and I refuse to pay insane prices for records so I just enjoy that one digitally. I found a sealed copy of Anesthetize a few years back for a great price and my wife gifted it to me for my birthday. Knew I married her for a reason! 😛

  9. Thats fantastic. I’ve got a lot of the old stuff myself. Original press of Up The Downstair, The Sky Moves Sideways, Metanoia, and all of the IEM vinyl. Been a fan since 2003 or so. Love it all!

  10. I enjoy both the original and the new artwork. Not sure which I prefer. I have the 2012 vinyl reissue, and a signed CD/DVD copy.

  11. Love it all, but this is my fave too. Especially if you add Up the Downstair (OG version) and all of the EP/demo/live stuff through Warszawa. Even more especially if you add no-man, IEM, etc.

  12. I would get it as my car and keep the id.4 for the family car in a heartbeat. I miss my gti some days

  13. Agreed! I’ve had two Mk5 and one Mk7 GTI, miss them a little but not enough to do anything about it. Our ID.4 1st edition (RWD) lacks power on the highway compared to those. It has great torque though, as you’d expect. Our second car is a Mk4 Golf with the 2.slow, but at least it is a manual.

  14. did you ever find out how to get the DualShock to work with parsec over bluetooth?

  15. I gave up on it. I’ve switched to Moonlight on my Apple TV with Xbox One controllers paired to the Apple TV. Works flawlessly.

  16. yo i got it to work last night. i was trying to follow a tutorial to download ds4windows which didn’t work all the way but my controller still ended up working. i’ll try to update this comment w the youtube video if you’re still interested.

  17. I’m good with my solution. Thanks, though!

  18. I had a wood library single cut 594. It was incredible. I don’t miss it, though. I don’t like having that much money wrapped up in an instrument. I am much more comfortable gigging my piezo modded S2 Custom 22 and core Custom 22. If I was in a touring band with a crew, I would gig something as nice as my old 594.

  19. Super nice equipment. Is that a JP2C? I don’t miss amps having a Helix, but that is one I would love to try.

  20. The recently released version from the three shows that made up Coma Divine is great too. Plus, it finally brought an official version of Cryogenics!

  21. Motorkars on King is great. They specifically work on Audi/Porsche/VW/BMW and I’ve been taking my cars to them for years. They’ve given me huge assists in time-crunches where I’ve needed my car ASAP, and they are very honest and helpful. It’s also a lot of fun to see what other people have brought into the parking lot :)

  22. Second for Motorkars. Their manager used to work for Tom Hatem. BMW is new to them, but I would feel confident in their abilities. We used to use Best Motor Werks for a Mini and they were great.

  23. Out of curiosity what would you change to set up for drop d?

  24. Intonation, action, and neck relief should be checked and adjusted as needed.

  25. If coming from standard tuning to dripped D, is that really needed? On hard tail guitars, Ive never needed this. Other tunings, that’s a different story.

  26. You can get by without it. I keep one of my guitars in Drop D, and that saddle is moved back quite a bit to intonate correctly. Just my experience, every guitar is different. This is on a PRS Custom 22.

  27. Worked in IT since I was 19 - now 33. Started from the bottom and worked up to a decent salary over the years. Have the stuff but not much time to use it.

  28. I see that And Justice For All. Nice setup!

  29. Great stuff. Awesome that it’s signed! The newer version sounds a lot better (improved source/master).

  30. I saw The Postal Service live in Columbus, OH in 2013. The poster is from that!

  31. I was at that show! Ended up with the other blue poster, though. Tickets are in the frame too.

  32. Congrats! I put a Graphtech Ghost in my S2 Custom 22 and it sounds good. Been thinking about one of these so I have a backup.

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