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In Poland People Cosplay as Americans and the Pics Are Wild

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  1. Can someone ELI5 why conservatives hate giving military aid to Ukraine so much?

  2. It ranges from completely detached from reality q-anons thinking that Ukraine hosts bio-labs to create COVID to regular neo-fascists who worship Putin because of the right-wing authoritarianism and the anti-gay stuff. Then some who just think he’s a good guy, because Trump likes him, so he must be on their side.

  3. World War Z by Max Brooks was a really well-done journal-of-the-zombie-apocalypse book with multiple anecdotes covering a period of many years and many different locations.

  4. I didn’t watch the movie, because I could tell from the trailer that it would be nothing like the book

  5. Pretty sure you can just get enlargement surgery

  6. It’s really risky and doesn’t have great results. Good chance you’re dick won’t work after.

  7. Was always disappointing to meet another lions fan but then they would trash Stafford for being a bad qb. Like oh do you even watch the games or what?

  8. Like I guess he’s not Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady, but he’s definitely not bad. If you can’t win with a top 10 QB, I’m pretty sure it’s not the QB’s fault. Or you could just draft the next Tom Brady and move on

  9. Team sources tell me that since Mayfield’s departure, the locker room carpet has significantly fewer goldfish crackers smashed into it. This has boosted team morale in a big way.

  10. Dude, I watched this fight live and it was really hard to watch. Aldo never let up and Faber had no answers. He was so hobbled by the end. He ended up getting dropped by the leg kicks a few time and Aldo would just let him get up instead of getting on the floor with him. Then more leg kicks

  11. It’s also blood borne. So if you butcher an infected monkey and get blood on an open cut, you could be infected.

  12. The Lions won Super Bowl LVI and by a lot, many people are saying

  13. A Luka trade before 2027 will easily be the most blockbuster trade in the history of the league. I think every single team who has the ability to make it work financially is making an offer.

  14. Probably could pull a deal as big as Westbrook, THT, and a 2027 second round pick

  15. That’s one way to make sure you have opioid induced constipation. Once the adrenaline checks out, that is going to hurt

  16. It’s the 6th St offramp from the southbound 110 in downtown LA. You can see the Ritz-Carlton building in this shot and they didn’t put that in game

  17. Well he CAN negotiate a ramp with a slight decline all by himself, almost.

  18. Many people were impressed by how steep it was, VERY steep and very SLIPPERY

  19. I live in Michigan and thought I was looking at pictures of my last family reunion. (I haven't gone to one in over a decade for that reason)

  20. I grew up in rural Michigan and these people really captured the essence. But you would probably need to throw some Confederate flags in there, for some reason that I’ll never understand

  21. Games against blue cat teams cannot be factored into any statistics. We lose those games no matter the stakes, time of season, or current form.

  22. False, you don’t lose every game, you just don’t win. See Lions/Cardinals 2019

  23. We half lost that game so still counts.

  24. I was at that game and the look on everyone’s face looked like both teams lost

  25. I’m not entirely convinced that Greg Oden wasn’t just Bill Russell with a fake ID. Russell was 6’10” barefoot and Oden was 7’0” in shoes.

  26. It probably didn’t look that shitty on 13” CRT in 640 x 480

  27. How will they manage if that bum LeBron has to step in as the primary ball handler? As much as I hate CP3, I think he would do just fine with a playmaker like Bron on his team, so much less pressure on him and he can still shoot and play D

  28. Am I weird for never watching porn with the sound on? I would rather listen to music

  29. I guess it might make sense to some people thinking how Jeanie’s cheap ass wouldn’t even pay Caruso.

  30. Dude, THT is basically Caruso, supposedly

  31. Maybe they’re going to tan some leather the old fashioned way

  32. The fashion people are trying to bring back late 90s/early 2000s low rise jeans

  33. Of course he will. He's already seen that he can get away with it so he'll be right back at it again once he gets the chance.

  34. I believe there was s clause in the arbitrator’s ruling that said he only can used team approved therapists. He’ll have to find a new pool of victims

  35. A US president once confused the Baltics for the Balkans and blamed Baltic leaders for the wars in former Yugoslavia… even though his wife was born in Yugoslavia

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