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  1. I hope you take the people who want the dog up on it. I know why you cant take the risk. But the husband isnt correct. I am from the deep south. My family is from Louisiana and Mississippi and i am in Tennessee. We euthanize humanely when they cannot live. There's two types of good ole boys imho. Ones who learned to shoot becaude they wanted to shoot something, and those who owned skeet machines or threw clay. Theres sport and meanness. Theres hunting and theres a family pet. I would take this as a therapy option and don't get another animal until this matter is resolved.

  2. You can woohoo Greg the live streams says but my question is this, can you have babies? Do they have special traits like Santa or pop out regular like bonehilda?

  3. They'll probably inherit werewolf abilities, just like the spellcaster and vampire children inherit.

  4. I believe this. I think the kiddo would be a werewolf but like spellcasters i wonder if it would change the ranking in power. I watched the livestream and it looks a great deal like spellcasters. And if you get one of the original teachers as a spouse you get a better bloodline. I am pleased that it seems even the kiddos have werewolf tendencies. I thought that was always a missed opportunity.

  5. I wasn't married to religious pastor but i was married to someone 10 yrs older than myself. At 19. I got out at 24 with 2 kids. The marriage itself would be illegal in my state as of last year. Hearing that was shocking to me even after years of therapy (i am 32). Get a therapist that is not religious. You can be, but someone needs to look at this from your tik tok perspective. Honestly give you some tools and work with you on what you've been through and how these feelings land with you. The first year i went in to stop the cheating and to help me heal. 2 years later i was in there making a plan of escape.

  6. So i got invited to a bachelorette party a few years ago. I had just had a baby and wasn't a partier anyway. The girls start having sex toy sellers come in and its all nice "whats this" fun. Then the stripper arrived. I was best friends with the bride and she specifically didn't want this. So we went to eat at the casino buffet letting the girls have fun. Its important to note this stripper was 60 and male and like one of those really ripped old dudes. When we left they were asking him to strip to backstreet boys and he was in american flag underwear. It all seemed gross and silly. When we got back. 3 girls had left. The brides sister in law was face down in her own puke and the stripper and one of the girls wouldnt come out of the bathroom and she wasn't responding. We were gone 30 minutes. I freaked. I wasn't leaving him with these 20 yr olds and i needed to get to the woman in the bathroom. We asked for security. We called their parents for help. No one came. We actually got a lot of judgement for assuming he was nefarious (we are in Mississippi atm). A female security guard that believed us came with us up stairs. We removed him. I never got the full story. I don't know if he harmed them. The girls turned on me and the bride and acted like we embarrassed them. We drove them home in silence and since i wasn't friends i never saw them again. I'll never forget the security guard opening the door the the bathroom. Halfnaked and being held up. I gladly went down as the villian in the story with the bride.

  7. Also southern here. Also heartbroken. As soon as i think its safe to put them back into school, it happens again. They've homeschooled during covid and now we are at re entry after vaccination. I am scared.

  8. I explain it in a way people don't wanna comment on so badly. Some people have a animal attack. That animal for the rest of their life makes them uncomfortable. No one ever gets upset because they were traumatized. They are scared of dogs. And in that way, I am scared of men. I had different circumstances and the same feeling. Its a fair feeling. I suggest reading. The body keeps the score is a great way to understand. Permisson to feel is a great book about emotions and processing them. Brene brown makes me feel better. Hope this was helpful.

  9. So this is a great question. This location leads to a lot of future films and characters. Adam warlock and the high evolutionary, black knight. But the location of the mountain is in transia. Latveria or dooms country both move in eastern locations on the continent. My imagination is that we will get the childrens crusade. I suggest reading those. They're great.

  10. Did they outright say transia in the movie? I think Transia is the country Wanda was born in the comics, but that was reworked to Sokovia. If they didn't outright say the name, I could see them rework Mount Wundagore to be in Latveria.

  11. They didn't, so it would be a change but it would be a feasible one with all the change happening.

  12. I am actually kinda pumped because i feel like they are gunna give us a break from this with her ending and let the boys age. Do more lead ups to the young avengers. Give us wiccan going to get her from von doom which would be cannon and delightful. She needs to be amnesiac in the story line and i feel like the end gave us that possible outcome. So i expect no mention of her through the phase. It will be all explaining future characters we need. Fantastic 4. The invasion/kree skrull background. Cassie lang in antman wrap up. The marvels and more Marvell info. This will give us our new avengers. Iron lad (kang). Patriot (Washington). Wiccan and speed. Hulking. Kate bishop. America Chavez. Kid loki or sylvie. If they do this right the next phase could be radical

  13. I had very similar results. I looked up my generation breakdown and it looks like it happened twice in my lineage. Once 8 gens ago. Once 5 gens ago. My mother is from Louisiana so it makes a lot of sense.

  14. How do you do that breakdown? my results were 99.9 euro and .1 sub saharan african, but the .1 remained at 90+% confidence level. So it just has me curious which side of my family the descendent is from and what time period

  15. My fathers mother and sister did an ancestry so i had her percentages. She has a 99 percent euro ratio with her 1 percent being Polynesian. On my 23 and me i had 2 percent african. But in 2 different sections in my ancestry timeline breakdown on the app. One being within 4 gen being Angolan and 6 to 8 being Nigerian. This was made sense to me by my mothers hometown being a Louisiana. She and her parents have not taken one but the closest relative i have on that side (last name indicator) on the family tree (on app) has the same location in their african lineage so i feel confident.

  16. As intp i read this like we were bad. I showed this to my infp partner and they referenced patience. When i asked about it they go "you can't push emotions on you, but if you wait 3 days, they come out by themselves". 3days?! I have been with this beautiful human 8 years and apparently i have a feelings formula 🤣🤣🤣🤷‍♀️

  17. I think it was a little over obvious in friends when the writers thought something was just for a minute. For example, i hate the joshua episodes and i feel like the writers hated writing them. Everything else is to grab your attention away from the characters being so out of sorts to make these mistakes. But i was young when friends came out and joey and rachel made sense to me. It was when they started making it obvious it was just for a minute that i remember feeling hurt over commited. I still feel sad when i watch the episodes actually as an adult.

  18. In American southern states, this outfit would work and would be what you'd see at your local secretary desk. I think its a safe and comfortable outfit for a first day. I would throw on some accessories. Straight to comfort is seen, smart comfort is complimented. A necklace and some earrings. Grab that purse that makes you feel like the devil wears prada. Then when you get there, note others ways of hitting dresscode. See how quirky is done and dressy is done. How the person who likes to underdress pulls that off for a possible low maintenance day. Hope this helped. You look great.

  19. Pretty sure her age of ultron accent drops her acting down a bit lol. She’s great but she’s not top tier

  20. They made up a whole accent. Here's a quote from people

  21. I am still clinging to this actually. I explained to my partner last night. It seems tho, in scenes i wish to be jake or them speaking about jake- that the personality would be much more sinister. I almost wonder if they will do a bushman/jake mixture. We watch steven think marc is the bad guy and learn differently, then we watch them (or just marc) accept that they have a monster to deal with together. They have to do this in order to rid themselves of K. (Looking for that comic "we dont need you" scene.) They only have 1 episode left so i suspect it be a reveal and a season 2 announcement. Acceptance of steven seems to be the point of this season. I suspect the "well we need a season 2 after that", will be the next episode.

  22. I really hope they don't since the whole "murderous alter-ego trope" is literally the worst thing you can do when representing a character with DID. Given the research they obviously did for this episode it's pretty clear they'd know this though.

  23. I agree with you that in a portrayal this good that it would be lacking. However, they lead me down a book arc i can't quite ignore. Steven thinking marc is the bad till they reconcile. And there being a looming ego amuck. Now we could come back from it and have the anti hero is not actually the one who did the bad but is blamed for the bad. (Maybe we will get a season 2 jake vs bushman because of it) with so little time left, i wonder if it is a disappointment to make him just pop up and out. Maybe hes our mephisto.

  24. I agree with this theory. I also need jake to explain where the body was during the snap. Marc and steven haven't acknowledged this at all.

  25. I believe Marc survived the snap, no? His passport was renewed in October 2018 which is after that happened. Unless I’m misremembering something

  26. This is why i love reddit. No your 100 percent right and i hadn't seen the close ups of the passport (or even remembered it). I can't really put my finger in it and its probably why i am concerned about the timeline, but even in eternals they discussed events. No one mentioning these massive superheroes and disappearing/reappearing feels purposeful at this point when its so embedded in our timeline. I haven't even seen thanos was right art or merch. When i ask people they always have a zoom in i missed. Which does help place me. But no mention is suspect.

  27. it's even weirder because if this truly is a hallucination, you'd think Marc would imagine some of the universally renowned superheroes in his universe? and if its not a hallucination, why was no one alerted by Khonshu and Steven literally moving the sky lmao

  28. Unless the sorcerer supreme is still the ancient one. She didn't meddle. If iron man isn't iron man, hes a drunk playboy. If thor isn't here yet. If this is pre new york, i would imagine the lack if knowledge would make sense.

  29. It’s set in 2025, pretttty sure it’s the latest story in the timeline as of now (?) There’s a GRC poster somewhere in the earlier episodes. And Tawaret mentions the Ancestral Plane from BP so we p much know that it’s the same universe

  30. Where did we see a timestamp of time? I might've missed something, of course, and i would love to stand corrected. That grc catch is solid and i just went and looked and is on a bus during the fight ep 2. I did catch same universe but i expected that because gorr is coming. So we really are suspected to believe that this is after winter soldier/falcon and no one has noticed a thing? Including any reference from steven/marc? No thanos is right anywhere in chicago/london?

  31. On a similar note, I’ve been thinking Jake was probably the one that killed Layla’s Dad for awhile now.

  32. I have speculated that the bushman is jake. Or another personality. They changed Marlene. They changed the scene where marc dies and is revived as moonknight. And they also gave us a very interesting moment where he was going to self harm instead of trying to survive. He handles all this till his mom dies and then it feels like he hides in steven and is willing to "just go away" at the beginning. And yeah the layla thing could be guilt and the godnapping her maybe. But what if protecting her was more than that? Jake is the one who has a baby with marlene. I just wonder.

  33. We always told the kiddos the truth. "Some people eat meat, all meat. Some people don't eat pork. Some only eat fish. Some people do not participate in meat eating. Some is religious, some dietary, some moral decisions." I handled religion the same way too as an atheist.

  34. Check today. Mine came thru with my results early. Said may 5th but today is april 22

  35. My big (and growing) list of sapphic/wlw books

  36. The priory of the orange tree. By Samantha shannon.

  37. Its custom but aerie is trying hard. Their joggers are hella comfortable. I will take it.

  38. So i read through and i think you have an interesting relationship with your voice. If he knows that some of the challenge yall are having implies medication, would he consider your affection for him if you considered him in what medication you choose? It seems by all means a form of a relationship. Maybe present a couple of decisions he could have an actual affect on without being in anyway damaging. We have to do the good thing for the body. We didn't like this other one. So we are off it. Maybe a work together idea?

  39. It makes sense. When i speak to my partner i talk about the room we live in and its figurative. Its our basis of understandings and foundations. The make eye contact and read thought wavelength. I know nothing and wish to only help. But maybe at the apt you can ask the dr for a couple of options. See if he will participate. Can't hurt to show hes wrong about your feelings of care. It also might be healing to include him on healthy decisions about the body that houses him. Vet that with a doctorate but its my idea. Good hopes to yall.

  40. Pretty sure it’s been confirmed multiple times that it’s not an error, and I know everyone’s theorizing that he’s dead or Nate killed him(interesting take) but I was thinking more along the lines of him being queer(part of the lgbtq+ community) and instead of suppressing/internalizing it and being miserable he left his family so he could actually be happy but maybe I’m just overthinking it lol

  41. I think dead is the assumption so you're on to something. What if, thats the kid that just owned it and ran away as a teen? The mother could be drunk and selfish not realizing a sudden sibling disappearance would cause a curious and smart child to search his fathers things. Maybe the other kid found it first. Possibly why nate is subconsciously sexually scared of cal. As an lgbtq teen. We couch surfed away from parents like that. It wouldn't shock me if this is the answer.

  42. The horn of africa is my new obsession

  43. Creole Delight from Venice Kitchen was pretty damn good. They have Siren on tap too which is dope.

  44. Second this. Work next door and they and el mezcal save me weekly.

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