1. My Gr. 11 marks aren’t really relevant since I took them during the pandemic and my school super-inflated them. All my course medians were around 88-92.

  2. thanks for sharing! much appreciated. i've been hearing similar things from a lot of ppl; just thought i'd come on here and check for myself

  3. aww didn't see that before! thank u so much

  4. yall my friends and I were there at night one in toronto and while yes, it was a phenomenal concert, our post-concert depression worsened a lot when we saw that a) KURTIS CONNORS was there and b) the setlist was AMAZING (night one setlist was fantastic too but night two had our fav songs which weren't played night one)

  5. I got accepted yesterday and I had a 51 avg in grade 9 no joke

  6. Mind if I ask how your grade 11 marks were like?

  7. It doesn't mean jack shit, don't retake just move on with the rest of your academic career. For the most part, you should only care when it's a 4U/M course

  8. That's what I was hoping. Thanks!

  9. There was this comment earlier about someone who got a 55% in grade 11 accounting and got into Queen’s Commerce. Ontario universities save the majority of their acceptances for after midterms come out so you don’t need to worry as long as you do well in Grade 12. If you are applying outside Ontario though, some places have different polices.

  10. Such a huge relief to hear! Queen's is definitely number one on my list of universities but I know it's extremely competitive to get in even with perfect marks which is what was making me worry. Thanks for your help

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