Aaron Swartz Co-Founder of Reddit was charged with stealing millions of scientific journals from a computer archive at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in an attempt to make them freely available.

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  1. "Employment law in San Francisco states that new contractors for janitorial services have to hire the workers from the terminated contractor for 90 days while a company transitions from the old contractor to the new contractor.

  2. It's sad to see somebody like this. He's committed the worst atrocities somebody can commit and I think on some level he knows it was horrible. He shouldn't be laughing of course but that might be his way to keep from turning the gun on himself. It's sad because he didn't make himself this way. It wasn't his idea to become a monster and now he's too scared of himself and living with his evil that if he breaks the laughing character and thinks about what he has done it would destroy him. The people who create people like this regardless of where they're from or who they work for or even who they kill are the worst criminals. this man can never feel anything but sadness and emptiness and he laughs at his own pain and the pain he caused because all he has ever been told is a lie. He wasn't born evil he was trained to be evil and acted on his programming. The ones we have to stop are the teachers. Whoever trained this man to hate and whoever trained him that to fix the things he disagrees with or doesn't understand he must kill them. They need to be stopped.

  3. yeah he doesn't seem to actually find it humorous. It's really sad to watch

  4. Yes I get that impression. It’s more sort of a laugh out of bewilderment or discomfort

  5. I was thinking yesterday about how everyone has to be the hero in their life's story. I can't imagine the stress caused by the amount of cognitive dissonance in this video.

  6. Folks will gladly pay $50 to a guy at a flea market for a jailbroken firestick that whatever is the free movie/tv apps-of-the-moment. And in the 90s/00s bootleg music was huge!

  7. Fun fact, The CIA actually deliberately distributed drugs to inner city communities with majority black people. The sale from these drugs provided untraceable cash to pay off anti communist rebels in nicaragua that the US was trying to install.

  8. While this may do a good job of going into the brain chemistry, anyone who actually works in psychedelic research will caution the fuck out of trusting anything Michael Pollan says, going as far to say that his promotion of psychedelics is borderline dangerous. I recently attended a webinar hosted by a John Hopkins researcher and Michael Pollan was specifically referenced when talking about the dangers of media hype lol.

  9. I appreciate this warning. Can you explain or link to something about the dangers?

  10. Problem for me is I'll NEVER remember that fucking ledge is there, and then by the time I get the double jump I'm completely lost about where to go next

  11. And then it's either futz around for 20 minutes or go find a guide

  12. You're almost there. The real truth is we shouldn't be calling anyone a felon. The system is the problem.

  13. props to you for saying this. It's interesting that so many so-called pirates still believe in the law and authority so thoroughly...

  14. It's embarrassing for them, idk how they can be so idiotic. Laws and punishment exist only to exert power over the weakest, they're no different than any other abuser or system of abuse. Every single one of us has witnessed how the rules don't apply evenly, yet they defend it based on BS fallacies like claiming any of that stops murder or rape. Most killers and rapists walk among us. None of this shit stops them.

  15. They don't realize that they live in an abusive system of systems. My guess is they haven't critically examined the world much at all. Their criticism probably goes as far as "things shouldn't cost so much so my piracy is justified". Or they may even think that they're wrong for being pirates. I used to think this way when I was much younger.

  16. Yeah I remember that being an issue. It's an attractive art style but it can get, messy

  17. Just picked up God of War in the sales so getting through that!

  18. I started it again after years of distraction. I think I'm getting close to beating it. Great game!

  19. To put it in perspective: there are species of fish that are more closely related to humans than they are to some other species of fish

  20. It definitely seems like that term has been deprecated, at least up here in the pacific northwest. They're always referred to as orcas every time I hear about them.

  21. Yeah I mainly see them talked about online and have noticed and wondered about this change. Now I know!

  22. Confusingly enough, computer science isn’t really science at all. It’s more like a branch of maths.

  23. I guess that makes sense. I never used the scientific method in my CS classes and had to take a bunch of math as well.

  24. Because people still buy the inflated ticket at the other end.

  25. This is the answer that makes it make sense! The fee gets rolled into the new price!

  26. Whether I'm on Paleo or Carnivore, my gas accumulate during the day, it can become annoying (bloating) in the late afternoon and in the evening, then recess. But the worse is when I'm in bed, trying to sleep, and gas suddenly accumulate in the beginning of the night (I finish eating at like 7pm, and my flatulence crisis start around 11pm or midnight).

  27. Gas is very likely related to your diet! Low stomach acid can lead to undigested food being passed from your stomach to your small intestine. This leads to a ton of distress and pain.

  28. I second everyone saying it's a great solo game. Turn the volume WAY up and enjoy!

  29. Are you sure you're looking at the same time frames? IE, the ticker you're reading might be saying that those indexes are up today, but your ETFs' performance might be measured from when you bought the shares to today. That's a much more useful indicator imo, but the mainstream info is geared towards timing the market.

  30. They don't clarify well enough for what. Presumably well enough to explain it simply.

  31. I've always thought of it as the difference between just being able to use some knowledge (applying the formulas as you've been taught to use them), and really knowing it backwards and forwards, inside and out. Which is being able to derive the formulas, use them on different types of problems, and being able to impart all of this knowledge to a novice.

  32. That explains why it's so good for space travel! At least, the getting to orbit part. I don't know what we use when we're in space

  33. They aren't "taking advantage of the situation" to make them do their bidding, they simply make them do it no matter what. The CIA placed Zelensky's party in power via coup in 2014. The US says jump and their fascist puppet state says how high, it's been like this way before they needed US guns and ammo.

  34. I just get a longer cable for the AC side and attach the brick to the mount. The cables are standardized and you can buy different lengths on Amazon for a few bucks.

  35. I wish my monitor had the PSU built into it instead of having a cable before the box that's too short to sit behind the monitor and too short on the other side to be able to just sit on the floor so it's just sort of awkwardly half hanging and putting strain on the connector

  36. IIRC horses evolved next to dire wolves and sabertooth lions - not predators to be taken light.

  37. Babies eat intuitively. Their bodies know what they want and don't want but we progressively push them away from this instinct and get them used to eating other things. This intuition isn't unique to babies but as we grow up we get trained to tolerate a lot of tastes so we stop listening to it. Our sense of taste and smell protect us from danger. Bitter means poison, sour means acid.

  38. Also, the amount of dust or pollution in the air between you and the sun will affect the color of the sunset. After a big forest fire or dust storm, you get really good sunsets!

  39. Nothing would ever be enough but it's great that you guys are at least trying. I had an easy time cutting my subscription because I wasn't hugely into it

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