1. Maybe it was just me. But I only saw a single raffle for them around me, which I luckily won. But I haven't seen much talk about them, pics of em on IG, mention of them in my sneaker group.

  2. They haven't released widely yet, when they do you'll hear a lot more about it because this pair is fantastic. None of the skate shops in Australasia have dropped them yet to my knowledge

  3. You don't seem to understand what I'm talking about or what the op asked. The BB550 named shoe and the 550 named shoe have differences. Yes they are both Basketball 550 but the two have differences. Quality of the upper is the difference. You keep getting at the idea that I'm saying they are 2 completely different shoes. No, I'm saying they are not the exact same. There are differences which is why the BBs are mode expensive because they have differences. The BB550 named shoe on the site has premium materials whereas the 550 named shoe has basic materials. You also said the 650 and 650r are the same and that's not true either. They have differences as well. But there's a reason why NB names one BB550 and the others 550; quality differences.

  4. The sea salt pair which had a higher retail and premium materials was listed as a 550 when I purchased it, not as BB550. Arguably they are the nicest material of any of the pairs I own.

  5. Well everything on their site is currently like that bb550-better materials and 550-lower quality. That's why the op even asked this question. Which of the bb550 on their site right now are the lower quality ones? Literally every 550 I see is synthetic, leather, suede and every BB550 I see is premium leather, premium suede, and premium nubuck but oh well. Regardless, New Balance should fix their naming then.

  6. Yeah, sorry I wasn't trying to criticize you, it was more a critique of New Balance's naming conventions. They are often quite confusing, not uncommon to see '990' and '990 made in USA' as the title when they're all made in USA, it's just a bit confusing.

  7. Best 9060 out so far imo. I really like my Penny Cookie Pink but it's not a pair I can wear often, so I think this is my personal fav atm. Hoping they drop locally to me


  9. Not US based so unfortunately can't purchase from that link. But yes I also go tts for my 9060s

  10. Makes me wonder if SB is cutting the Orange Label exclusivity and opening them up to all skate shops that stock Nike SB.

  11. Black and whites are gr not orange label.

  12. Yeah I know. My second paragraph was just commenting on the last few dunk releases generally, not OL specifically.

  13. My retail pair is white stitching on both pairs. Did yours come in a brown orange label box too? All I've seen have been released in purple boxes

  14. Can't go wrong with the stock cream laces imo. I get that green works with brown with all these beef and broccoli colourways, but I think without green accents on the sneaker itself it looks a bit out of place

  15. Def a regret. But these restock every quarter or so!

  16. Yup, when I picked up both my pairs my local shop manager said it might be as often as monthly that they can reorder

  17. Was somewhat tempted when they had 20% off them during their boxing day sale. They've grown on me a bit, but I've got the first pair so don't really feel I need these

  18. Nice pickups. All of those looks fire.

  19. Appreciate that. I'm looking forward to it, it's a career inspired move so it's going to work out for the best.

  20. 4/4 all sick shoes but MAN the white leather dunks got me fienin 😩 are they really skate shops only (no online sales)?

  21. They should be available online some places, they're not orange label so not limited to orange label shops. It depends, though, I know a lot of local skate shops only do dunks in store for the first week or so, and then upload to their online stores if they still have pairs.

  22. Yup definitely. I had them tts originally and had to sell them to size up

  23. These are dope, Ive heard that Nike plans to keep these in stock the whole year, is that true?

  24. Won't be kept in stock but will be able to be reordered periodically. Similar to the panda dunk restocks from what I've heard. Shops won't be able to order at their leisure/when they run out.

  25. I've heard these may be heading to locals sometime in January, anyone have a confirmed date?

  26. At least in my region orange label releases don't tend to have a set date, it tends to be whenever the stores get their stock.

  27. Even though it's only been 5 years I really hope we get a dark curry retro soon. Ugly duckling pack is a future classic too, colorways work so well on the am1

  28. Nah man that's the dye from the suede which has transferred into the nubuck. That's not going to come out, have wet plenty of suede pairs of shoes and never got them right again. Magenta dye seems to be some of the worst for bleeding in my experience. A suede eraser isn't going to get it out, and washing machine will make it worse

  29. I find the 1906D to be an incredible silhouette with very uninspiring CWs... I wish they'd have a bit more fun with it

  30. The 1906D is what, a week or 2 old? Seems a little early to call them uninspired, I'm sure there's plenty coming up this year.

  31. Something that provides friction without abrasion should work, but in that small area might be difficult. A brand new standard pencil eraser might get in there and be able to remove the glue from the paint

  32. Really want to grab the L'art de l'automobile pair in pink/purple. Great looking silhouette

  33. What insole can be swapped in for this red lunar one? I just got mine and I dont like it.

  34. If you've got 550s in the same size the insoles from those fit nicely. The pair I wear most has 550 insoles and is very comfortable, but I'd like to find an alternative I can buy separately for other shoes.

  35. Wait so does that go on top of the original foam insole?

  36. Sea Salt are the best of the first pack imo, one of my favourite pairs

  37. I'd love to get down to 16 pairs this year. I'm moving cities for a new job and have way too many pairs, 16 pairs fit nicely into 2 large boxes. Currently I've got to do a whole trip just for moving shoes and I feel quite silly having to do that. Current total is around the 50 mark.

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