1. finally someone fucking said it, i’m so tired of people calling the warsaw pact countries communist

  2. woke content? reddit is filled to the brim with right wing content, from centrists to full blown nazis, so many leftist subreddits got banned because they got brigaded by rightoids

  3. i feel like bones would genuinely own this

  4. May have been down when you tried, but appears to be back up now.

  5. that’s never going to happen because governments need cannon fodder for meaningless wars no one cares about and wage slaves for capitalism+it would be impossible to ethically and efficiently enforce

  6. step 1) build tesla coils (make them really big)

  7. hell yeah, some of the best flavors are in there, not that rare but still something

  8. "what a nice town, let's ruin it with cars!"

  9. Was Peep bigger overseas than the U.S?because it sure does seem like it.

  10. Also just got it today, did not taste yet. Does it still taste like the black OG?

  11. Antifa, největší boogeyman co snad existuje.

  12. skupina neorganizovanej edgy anarchkidů lol

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