1. This might be the ugliest fucking chart ever

  2. i wish planes could not kill you if you are inside a building

  3. Did she just slam her head into the ground…. Wonder if that kicks it up to felony assault

  4. No, the problem is that people will make up any excuse or explanation they want if they want to do something reeeeeeaaaaallllly badly enough, regardless of how immoral it is. They don't look at the consequences, and they don't care. And if you call them out on it, they accuse you of hating them.

  5. Yeah finding excuses for harrassing gay people bevause you're a dick is reaaaaaallly immoral

  6. “Hehe… take THAT homophobic! I prove that your argument is stupid in this game!”

  7. People in the comments, yall dont like the artwork of the nfts or nfts in general?

  8. Ngl this comic was surprisingly funny

  9. Nah I think it's "with love to an ex"

  10. I literally couldn’t care about the plight of Ukrainians. At. Fucking. All. I just want my gas to be cheap, and ammo prices to reside to pre-pandemic levels.

  11. They desperately want there to be more lore than there actually is

  12. Why am I being downvoted? the comment said: "...will break the will of any man". Implicating that its mostly women who are insecure.... Im gonna asume the downvotes are from insecure men xD

  13. That wasn't the implication that's why. Also nah you ain't hiding your insecurities believe me.

  14. Why the fuck do you want to live so bad? What is it that makes it so good? Please god tell me, I will do anything.

  15. Still not nearly as realistic as it used to be. No one ever asked for that nerf tbh.

  16. How did they nerf it? I'm new so sorry if this is dumb

  17. Used to be a reliable oneshot for a good 20 meters or so. Now it's not even worth using except for specific circumstances because of unreliable damage, you're better off picking an smg at close-quarters. Used to be even worse before the rebuff, thing couldn't even have killed a fly. Lets just say people weren't happy.

  18. Yeah I know sometimes I get to obsessed over slight inconveniences like losing my job because some dickhead decided I wouldn't be able to go to work today. Also if you look on their webpage there are many cars listed that clearly aren't SUVs.

  19. A strike of this magnitude would be planned and announced way in advance, giving me enough time to apply for some time off. But if there would be some crucial business meeting on the day these fucks decide to slice the tires of my car my employer would probably not be lenient.

  20. OP you guys are dicks and everyone is already telling you. Fucking narcissists.

  21. When you're addicted to vandalism and need a öazy justification

  22. It literally reduces sensitivity

  23. So you’re a 2 pump chump, and you have a pecker that most women find less attractive/hygienic?(they’ve done surveys, google it). When you’re snipped you don’t lose anywhere near all of the feeling, and it doesn’t frighten the bitches to look at. Also the females I’ve ever talked to said under the hood had a smell no matter how much they washed it, and they refused to give them head. In conclusion quit worrying about how another man’s dick feels?

  24. Because you're an American that's why. Pretty much the rest of the female population is more than fine with an uncut dick. Also more sensitivity =/= less bedtime. Sure if you're young and unexperienced at it you might not last long but that's normal and any time of practice and you'll last pretty long. In fact the US and UK pretty much last the same in bes on average, so make of that what you will. You get less pleasure without added time, nice ;)

  25. Playing devil’s advocate here: he relishes in using his rights as a prisoner in norway (claiming that just having a ps2 to entertain himself is violating his rights) to their full extent and has failed to show remorse (afaik) for his actions. Dude’s the lowest of the low save for kiddy diddlers.

  26. He killed dozens of kids I think he might me worse than a diddler

  27. An alle die hier "unverhältnismäßig" rumschreien, wie hättet ihr den Rollerfahrer aufgehalten?

  28. Also ihr habt ja alle eine ganz komische Definition von Unverhältnismäßigkeit

  29. Honest question, how in the name of all that's good do you let your own child get to this point? She's young enough that her food intake has to be somewhat restricted, right?

  30. I've got a question, what the fuck?

  31. Not thirsty. I just returned from your mothers house, my sexual needs are met for this week

  32. Dude complains about Redditors then acts like a stereotypical Redditor holy shit

  33. Too bad. How could I have known other redditors also regularly had sex with SavageGE’s mom

  34. I don't fancy women who are probably in their 60s, but you do you I guess

  35. Nah, if I'm right you're wrong and if you're wrong I'm right, no compromise!!! /s

  36. But you seemed to hate the dialogue system in your post? What are your complaints?

  37. I hate the dialog weel, gives you no insight on what would be said

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