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  1. You can only work as fast as the machine. As long as you have one in and one out you're doing your job

  2. Did it improve your bipolar depression? That’s what I’m primarily seeking treatment for

  3. I'm on Lexapro and gabapentin too. The combo works well for me with little to no side effects. I did TMS in the past but can't get it where I'm located now so I went for the ssri

  4. Got it! So, does latuda have any effect on your depression? Unfortunately ssris didn’t work for me

  5. It can help from what I understand but usually in conjunction with other medications

  6. They've got it by me , 6 deck 3:2 and double deck 3:2 $3 min and $5 min respectively

  7. No longer safe to drive and you have the means to get a new one. Then again if you sell it while it still has some value you can use that for a deposit on the next one. Timing is everything.

  8. It depends on your level of physical fitness, experience in other martial arts/wrestling, goals etc.

  9. I did some karate as a kid but never done any grappling. I’m looking for somewhere that’s somewhat family friendly but I don’t mind going hard as well. The biggest thing I keep hearing about is trainers that are to hard on the students and break them down physically faster then they can recover.

  10. Hmm that's interesting I didn't run into that issue, doesn't mean it can't happen though. In my case I just took a day or two off if I needed to recover. Most gyms have a free trial or cheap trial period so shop around a bit. I'd say just avoid the pyramid scheme that is Gracie Barra.

  11. I hope they fix that weird constant “beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep” sound i hear when everything is silent

  12. Being so anxious to talk to girls. I have massive potential to pick up pretty women, but I get so scared and overthink.

  13. Like, I think I’m good looking. A lot of my sisters friends think I’m cute. I can get to a point where I can talk to Girls, but like I’m not good at it. (Hope that made sense for ya)

  14. It does haha it just sounded a little arrogant honestly. Make some female platonic friends and just practice striking up conversations with random people. Don't worry about being Mr smooth that beds every attractive woman around.

  15. Yeah like the other guy said, psychiatric intervention sounds like a good option.

  16. The hype this guy gets just because knocked out izzy before he got into the ufc is hilarious

  17. I don't think that's the only reason this guy is hyped. He's a top of the food chain kickboxer

  18. You're still allowed to enjoy something or think it's subjectively good though

  19. God, you seem so cool. Like cooler than other people. That must be great being so cool. And right. Like about things. Cause you totally know about things. Ok, now fuck off.

  20. Who said OP is in California? It looks like he’s in Colorado.

  21. Oh my bad. Well they can at least make an unemployment claim if they do get terminated and have a better chance of receiving that unemployment if they had a doctor's note. The employer would also likely be more hesitant to terminate if they know their premiums may go up.

  22. This is an uneducated judgment not an unpopular opinion.

  23. Invest in a wired meat thermometer. Set the temperature of the air fryer at 225 and then leave the steak inside until it reaches ~130-135. After let it rest and then sear on cast iron

  24. Congrats it’s a great area. Lots to do. On weekends quick drive over 405 to basin. Access to the all the stuff in the valley and Ventura blvd.

  25. Not to mention you can get to the west side or east side in 25 minutes in the evening.

  26. I don’t see what Nate even has to do with this situation but… Jorge was beating the fuck out of him. If the scar tissue wasn’t an issue he would’ve just continued to get his ass beat for two more rounds

  27. I don't disagree completely but that was literally the reason for the stoppage and Nate's greatest asset is his cardio. Jorge slows down in later rounds and Nate was barely breathing hard. That being said, Jorge was piecing him up.

  28. Oh god, I can’t keep responding if u going to keep down voting my every response. It’s just sad. U must be the biggest nerd irl, living firmly with ur parents on permanent welfare. I just can’t look, it’s too cringe

  29. Okay I'll stop down voting but I can't make the other people stop down voting lol. Didn't realize you were cashing in your reddit karma to pay rent.

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