1. Is it weird that I think we need a branding refresh featuring purple as our main colour? I feel like this new squad deserves a new look and purple feels fresh and youthful. I also hope we bring back the dinosaur logo. Cool find btw!

  2. Agreed! I love purple, such a distinct colour. I really dislike a lot of contemporary logo trends too, they always do away with personality for sleekness.

  3. Could you make an arrangement to buy the place? They're struggling to sell, you don't want to leave. You pay every month. There's rentals you can use to generate the necessary funds.

  4. It isn't a bad idea and certainly one I've thought about, but financially/logistically I don't think we can make it work. It's unfortunate this isn't a few years down the line because ultimately I was hoping for a scenario where we could offer to buy. But then again the housing prices don't seem to be going anywhere but up so it may have been out of reach by then anyways.

  5. If it doesn't make sense for you to leave for less than 20K and your mother doesn't want to leave, stay put and wait for a hearing. In the meantime, do as much as you can to learn about the process.

  6. Found them in the corner of Sonic Boom record store in Toronto. They've been there for months I bought three a while back and went back and they were still there. Still about 10-15 of them in a blue colour, but theyre kids XL

  7. Nice picture. Is this at Lake Louise in Banff? This specific shot seams very similar to some I took around that area.

  8. Thanks! And yes it is nice eye, it's on the trail towards Mirror Lake.

  9. Your Kodak Gold 200 is substantially better looking than my Fuji 200 which is essentially the same thing. Any idea what could have happened?

  10. Not sure I can help you there! Kodak Gold is generally known to be extra warm and saturated. I've never shot with Fuji but looking at your photos they do seem a bit flatter in saturation and vibrance (not necessarily a bad thing). Are you editing post scan at all? I tweaked the HSL sliders in Lightroom quite a bit to get the colours right on this.

  11. Had a 20% discount coupon so the total was $45 CAD after taxes!

  12. Take with an Olympus OMD E-M5 ii, f/6.3, 1/500, ISO 1000.

  13. Legit check on this shell I found while thrifting? I believe it's a Zeta SL. Only off thing to me is the red zipper pulls.

  14. Was this place in episodes of the x files it looks so familiar.

  15. Yup! First time visiting, was very cool to walk around.

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