1. What block is it, maybe I can give some tips

  2. Block 2 - pharm, path, anatomy, physiology

  3. Do you use pathoma and Boards and beyond?

  4. No....it’s hard to have time for that when I’m just trying to get through my school lectures when we have a mandatory lab every single day

  5. She didn't post anything on her sister's birthday but she made a whole post about her brother in low is weird for me

  6. Maybe she spent the day with her sister instead of posting on instagram

  7. Or....wait for it....maybe they’re both lucky to have found themselves loving life partners?

  8. Weird she had so much to say about botox and surgeries and here we are with very apparent changes to 2022 Katrina 😬.

  9. I mean she literally says that she doesn’t mind plastic surgery in the first sentence?

  10. What? This isn’t her first time helping out at her mom’s school or dancing with kids lol.....what are you saying

  11. Whenever I’ve gotten the good grades it’s because I understood the concepts relatively deeply AND did the memorizing bs

  12. I think it's the opposite for me....it's usually the detail questions I miss that I just have to know versus the ones where I can think my way to the right answers

  13. I have the opposite issue. I've been scoring in the top 10% of my class on every exam, but I've been forgetting everything from blocks prior that all my classmates are remembering. I know facts and buzzwords but can't apply it well outside of a test question. My learning has been so surface level since I was gunning for AOA with high grades, but now I'm seriously wondering whether I'll remember anything for Step 1...

  14. This is what I was getting at....I feel like we're not allowed the time to think about the information critically AND do well academically. Most of my friends that are doing very well academically are telling me that they just memorize info and don't actually absorb the material in a way that stays long-term. I don't know how to do that since it's the antithesis of how I actually learn (and I'm just terrible at memorizing if I don't have any sort of anchor).

  15. Also I recently found an article from 2016 that Kat & Ranbir started having fights about his proximity to Alia & Kat ended up cutting her out of the guest list for her parties. I never believed those rumors back then but now…

  16. I doubt it’s true since Kat was still friendly after the breakup and after she started dating Ranbir

  17. Maybe Saddleback Church? Or Saddleback College or Irvine Valley College parking lots on weekends

  18. As a general question: yes. In your case? No.

  19. Honestly if your friend is white, it’s not hard to break into the indian film industry at all. Racism runs deep.

  20. Lmao, Karan trying to be a jack-ss, cutting in to try and snark about the fact that Vicky called Katrina "the wisest person he knows."

  21. Where did you see snark? He agreed with him

  22. But she wants the opposite😭😭 she has said it multiple times she likes to hear compliment on her beauty like beautiful charming lmfao

  23. So? You can want to be loved for you & still want your partner to find you attractive.....

  24. Did you find a solution? I have the same issue rn

  25. There definitely is an elitism thing when it comes to admissions though. You can get anywhere regardless but T20 undergrads get a boost because of the brand name aspect (which is dumb)

  26. Don’t lol….you are not getting a better education, just more stress. Malcolm Gladwell has a lot of talks on how dumb the whole prestige thing and college ranking system is.

  27. You will if you don’t put yourself out there and make a genuine effort to show up to events and engage with people.

  28. It’s kind of hard when people throw parties the weekend before school starts and only invite certain people

  29. I feel exactly the same way. First week of class and it feels like I’m completely at this alone while everyone else formed groups immediately. All the open invite stuff and events that have been happening so far just don’t interest me :( ( I love a drink as much as the next gal but bar hopping deep into the night ain’t my style). Doesn’t help that my school doesn’t allow student orgs to reach out to M1s for the first two weeks of class so I’ve really been struggling to find people with similar interests

  30. You must go to school somewhere fun :/ I’m in a smaller area in NC and people have had meetups at breweries (which I had to miss) but I don’t know if I’m going to get invites for bigger parties in the city

  31. Look for a book club or hiking club or something. Group fitness classes are also great to make friends. And volunteer too!!!!

  32. You will not find the same level of Mexican food here in Raleigh. You can probably find a couple hidden gems that almost compare but it's not going to be the same. The things we do well around here are biscuits and BBQ. Also if you drink soda, try some cheerwine. It's our local soda you'll find everywhere.

  33. I’m figuring that out about the mexican food. Tried two places and both were awful. Starting to miss even the fast food mexican places in California

  34. You’ve given us virtually no information about where you’re going, how are we supposed to help prepare you?

  35. Snooze was meh. Not bad but not as good as the wait time and prices would lead you to believe.

  36. It’s definitely the pandemic but also the lack of quality that’s being produced. No one wants to sit around for 3 hours watching a lackluster movie. This is not the 90s when even silly SRK/Selmon Bhoi movies were hits. Zamana badal gaya hai. Tbh even I stopped watching them regularly. I only watch them if they have good reviews. I started watching Punjabi movies which are much more family oriented & funny.

  37. I actually disagree! I think people want those silly but fun 90s movies. Everyone is tired of these corny social issue comedies. The writing back in the day was better and the movies were more grounded despite the ridiculousness. Now everything feels formulaic. And Bollywood is trying too hard to be Hollywood.

  38. I'd stick with 10, it gets better after the first week and your already almost there

  39. For some people it lasted a month which is what i’m worried about since I start school soon

  40. You won’t have any issues since it hasn’t had enough time to build up in your system. Your system needs to be be taking it for at least 2-4 weeks before you’re able to even really tell a big difference in weather or not it’s beneficial to you. Now if you’re already experiencing bad side effects after only 5 days on, then good idea to stop and try something else. Good luck! 🙂

  41. Apparently worsening anxiety is common the first two weeks which is why I want to reduce it down to 5mg and build up slowly

  42. Hmmm if you think it may be around Mission Viejo maybe see if the rich neighborhoods like Nellie Gail or Ladera Ranch has any private parks

  43. Actually one of thr most delicious things I have ever eaten. Their sauce just makes it perfect.

  44. Please look at women’s shelters! Also, look into getting loans for your schooling so you don’t have to drop out. You can go to community college and transfer to a university.

  45. i mean there's more to getting accepted than step score.

  46. Its pretty delusional to think DO schools are churning out inferior physicians - especially since we have to work significantly harder for the things MD students are handed. Claiming that all MD students have access to amazing quality rotations is blatantly false. There are plenty of MD schools with a mediocre clinical education and guess what - those students still benefit just from being MD’s!

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