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  1. I wouldn't get to excited as a packers fan either though.

  2. I remember that they also sent letters basically saying it was good he died and that he deserved it or that it was getting rid of a future baby killer. Man vietnam era was fucked

  3. Sounds like the same dipshits who send death threats to the families of mass shooting victims

  4. Couldn't have said it better myself

  5. Truth, in fact the amount of bad fuzzy light videos and ordinary prosaic shit on the front page used to be way worse.

  6. Yair ko zombie or Derrick ko volkov for me

  7. I think Yair should have gotten credited with a submission. 🤷‍♂️

  8. I'd say he was chosen to help appeal to a certain age group and/or community. From the moment he showed up with that beyond stupid To The Stars Academy it seemed like a laughable reach. I could tell immediately that there was scripted BS and propoganda behind it all. Delong and that bozo ex-CIA guy who they tried to make as hip as possible rocking hair gel mixed with his frosted hair tips and gotee.

  9. Bro he figured it out before everyone else duh!

  10. I think suga is going to get womped

  11. Always gonna be the Times Union for me, MVP Arena is just lame. Bring back the River Rats!

  12. In Seattle we have an arena named climate pledge

  13. We used to have the CLink (football), the Safe (baseball), and the Key (basketball). Now they are Lumin, the Mobile Park, and the CPA

  14. I'm old enough to remember the king dome

  15. Hey he had like one good season for you guys!

  16. Willing to bet it coinciding with that hypersonic missile test. Seeing how long it takes our birds to get in the air. If Russia and China are to be believed they have superior hypersonic missiles to us.

  17. China/Russia don't have more advanced anything than we do.

  18. Gardner Minshew.....I've said it here before but if we're not gonna make the playoffs, I want the games to be entertaining. Minshew might even be better than I think. I know Geno isn't better than I think. With what we have....Lock has more upside so I hope he wins the job.

  19. When Baker was drafted by the Browns they were 0-16 the year before. They had 4 total wins in the previous 3 seasons.

  20. Totally agree with this and I will be rooting for him to do well for the Panthers, honestly I was hopeful we would get him In Seattle. I think people are being overly critical of baker and neglecting the fact that he played all of last year with pretty significant injury and despite that the team seemed keen on having him throw all game rather than utilize one of the best duos in the backfield in the league. Baker obviously isn't a proven commodity at QB by any means but I think he has potential and could shine in the right situation. The browns, much like the jaguars are a hard organization for me to actually judge QB talent for since they have a proven inability to effectively develop a starting QB.

  21. By the way he says things like, “Before the post is taken down” and “The skull is safe” just leads me to think it is all staged.

  22. Yeah, my friend linked me this post and my first response was "I'd be very weary of anyone making claims the government is going to intervene to suppress evidence of bigfoot, there are new species discovered all the time what reason would they have to give a fuck about some guys bigfoot claims"

  23. Why the fuck is the government dictating what the healthcare industry pricing is

  24. They aren't really, they are dictating how much they can charge Medicare recipients(specifically seniors), they can charge regular insurance holders whatever they want.

  25. lmao we all knew the judges would score it that horribly. Not that cannonier won but 50-45 LMAO

  26. Honestly feels like Jared is doing way more and if he was the champ these last two rounds would be scored for him

  27. Man. Kyle had an absolute war with Sheripov back in the UFC. I root for him but since then it has been up and down on the reg.

  28. That's like saying O'Malley vs moutinho was a war lmao, both were fun fights to watch but both were also 1 dude mostly getting beat on the entire time

  29. Why? You don't want to see crime plummet overnight? Not saying it will go away but legalizing hard drugs removes gangs from the equation. Restricting substances does nothing but create black markets that are dangerous for everyone.

  30. You can legalize them and still restrict access, there are plenty of case studies to look at regarding this topic, read the book chasing the scream by Johann Hari, it's a great book on this subject. The primary reason most of these drugs are as damaging as they are is in large part due to the unregulated nature of street markets.

  31. Truth, people act like if we legalized and regulated these industries the sky is going to fall but in reality it will just create a safer atmosphere for everyone.

  32. I have kids dipshit and even his friends lost all respect from him. I’ve actually met him while living in NYC the old Tony was cool as shit but the years when he began to date Asia was when he went south. The dude attacked innocent people in metoo movement and protected his gf who actually was a predator. She also cheated on him multiple times. Go watch the recent movie about him. Sorry it’s the truth which sometimes isn’t nice to hear. And don’t be so easily manipulated from actors on tv.

  33. I'm sure this movie you ranting about was made by a totally unbiased source

  34. Who gives a shit what happens on twitter?

  35. 155 is devoid of talent at the moment. Two thirds of the top 15 is either on a losing streak, has less than 5 UFC wins, or hasn’t fought in 2+ years.

  36. I’m glad bears have been financially ruined this year. Now they are all quiet from roping or being homeless either way fuck them

  37. Bears have been raking this year the fuck you talmbout

  38. That makes more sense, I don't like to celebrate anyone's financial downfall though unless it's a retardedly enormous amount of money like that hwang guy, can't help but laugh at that

  39. Yeah, I don't buy it either, but there are A LOT a lot of people who do legitimately believe the earth is a disc.

  40. Eventually they reach their space Is fake final form lol

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