1. What weird grooming regimen did he put her through to make her think that this was in any way normal

  2. If your BMI is that low you won't just die if you lose more weight, you will die if you don't gain.

  3. Actual landlords definitely have grace periods and just charge late fees. No one gets evicted for being a week late on rent in the real world.

  4. Oh man that's such a bad rhinoplasty

  5. Yeah, the boundary SHOULD be that this friendship is absolutely unacceptable and inappropriate and he needs to go no contact with her.

  6. yup i was very active on livejournal back in the day

  7. I will never understand why this is so common right before weddings

  8. I was approved even though I have Chime with just paystubs. Then had to take my trade in off. Had to re-verify all over again. Ok did it then they say need 6 months of bank statements, ok added them. The next day I'm told I can't finance with Carvana because they can't use Chime. I was told I would have to do 3rd party financing. Screw them I'm looking for another lender and dealer. Other banks have online services wth is the difference, so mad I lost those 2 cars ☹️

  9. Just happened to me too. Everything was fine except they wouldn't accept my bank statements.

  10. He wouldn't make comments while I eat but if we're not together that day he would ask for a detailed explanation of what I ate. He doesn't know my weight but he would ask about once in a while.

  11. OH he is a fetishist that is NOT NORMAL

  12. My darkest secret is after 10 years of this…. I might actually think being at a lower (not scary lw/ the “oh my god are you okay) weight is worth keeping some of my behaviors

  13. Egg whites, low cal yogurt or a rice cake with cream cheese

  14. Omg I just actually laughed and couldn't tell my bf who was in the room why

  15. This belongs in good restriction food mmmm

  16. Literally anyone at any weight can have heart problems what the fuck

  17. It's almost as if people with EDs aren't thinking logically and get anxious and panic over ANY food sometimes even if it makes no sense

  18. ik youre joking but the fact that ppl come to America and immediately blow up just from the way the food is processed is scary we’ve been set up. or alternatively americans vacationing in europe and eating a lot and somehow still losing weight. do yall put crack in your food?

  19. It's because they add sugar and high fructose corn syrup to literally everything in America. There's a reason people come here and say our bread tastes like cake.

  20. If it's because he's upset that you're losing weight then this is concern and intervention and everyone here calling him abusive is wrong af

  21. I just checked OP's post history. Four months ago she said that she's "being forced to do things" and it's making her s*icidal. If that's not abuse then I don't know what is.

  22. That's vague enough that it could mean 'forced to' eat or go to treatment

  23. not me literally googling 'anorexic porn' last night as thinspo

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