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  1. Sushi Go Party. Quick to play, rules are simple enough for new players to grasp. Up to 8 players. And tons of variety with picking other "menus."

  2. Title is misleading, you don't "win" the whole conference. There is a yearly event at Siggraph called "Real-Time Live" where people show off real time live effects (nothing is prerecorded and has to run in real time). Guerrilla showed off a few of the effects in Horizon Forbidden West, including their foliage, moss and cloud shaders, but mostly focusing on their water and crashing waves. Pretty impressive stuff.

  3. Absolutely! In this scenario me personally wouldn't look down on any of the players or the choices made - ut's mainly the "I won due to a point I got for free" aspect I haven't decided on. Sure, it varies depending on players as well - but as someone who hasn't won a game yet, if this scenario was my first opportunity for a win I'm quite torn 😂 I want to "earn" my win, but I'm not sure where I draw the line for what "earn" means.

  4. If someone gives you SftT that doesn't mean you didnt earn the win. In no part is it a lesser win than completing some arbitrary objective. Heck, the game's theme is convincing the galaxy that you should be emperor, so if you convince a player to make you emperor then good for you that is a legit win (even if it was a result of preventing another player from winning).

  5. I think they would've been psychic if they were introduced in later gens. The type was seemed as a special one like dragon in 1st gen. (at least it appears to me like that's the case)

  6. Nah, Slowpoke, Slowbro, Starmie are Water/Psychic. It was always weird that Psyduck/Golduck weren't psychic, especially considering Psyduck's name.

  7. No it was Koduck (direct translation), but in the English translations they used names that describe the pokemon. Psyduck's Pokedex entry even says it has psychic powers.

  8. The gathering professions should just be merged with the crafting profession that uses it.

  9. So much more capitalism in surviving school shootings than in stopping them

  10. Gotta play both sides. Sell the guns and the shields. /s

  11. There is no parallax shift. The further something is away on screen the slower it should scroll.

  12. Crabs and Flags. That's what Maryland does!

  13. They should be called the “regressive” party, not conservatives

  14. They are regressive. They want their rights taken away.

  15. Depends on how much work it is. I usually try to estimate how much time I need, multiply that by my hourly rate and add 50%. For me those jobs have typically ranged anywhere between $300-$1000, with a few outliers here and there. I've almost never spent more than two weeks on those kinds of projects and I've never worked on them more than a few hours per day (you tend to jump between projects throughout the day when most of your work are small projects like these).

  16. $1000 for 2 weeks of work is extremely low for US wages. That's $12.50 / hour.

  17. For assigning credit, you should follow the IDGA's recommendations:

  18. I just want to add that Speaker for the Dead and Xenocide we're really good, and nothing like Ender's game.

  19. It is, look at his pocket on his shirt. Even then they still hung the flag upside down.

  20. Is Cache of Acquired Treasures still bugged? I ran some M+ early after 9.2.5 and it wouldn’t activate in combat. Haven’t tried using it sense and we’re looking at going for AotC tonight so I was just curious if it was worth using. Thanks!

  21. Nope. It was fixed about a week later.

  22. Steering wheel subscription o.O

  23. I encountered this a few times as well and there is an easy fix for it: refresh metadata for the movies with that "role". This will make it consistent again.

  24. I've always wondered, how does Shaman reincarn factor into this? Does it take a stack?

  25. I feel like these two are the most unique in terms of RPGs.

  26. Yep, which begs the question why wasn't he cuffed on the spot by the Maryland Troopers.

  27. Some of those that work forces are the same that burn crosses.

  28. You could probably stop after God Emperor Dune. The following novels go downhill from there.

  29. So the question tasks you with determining how the outcome could occur, but you're expected to answer that it's not?

  30. The directions could have said: "How are these statements false"

  31. Balance this season was atrocious. Title should be for the top 0.1% of players per class.

  32. How the fuck do you fix oversized classrooms by lowering taxes?

  33. Links to a bunch of them can be found at #18 Models

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