1. Down I te replies, he also shows another 3 pack models, presumably for:

  2. Correct, not banner poses though it’s emotes

  3. I'd say 1800 standalone and maybe 3950 for the pack bundle, no way to 100% tell

  4. Need that Gibby skin I hope it’s not going to cost 30$ like when it came out

  5. It should be coming standalone but there's also gonna be the pack bundle for it

  6. There's also a dev charm which I didn't bother putting in "apex_asset_v22_misc_dev01"

  7. Unfortunately yes, I dont mind the green one though lol

  8. When is this event going live?

  9. Anyone know how much materials well need for the skins?

  10. 2400 for legendary items 800 for epic items 120 for rare items


  12. Hmm yeah, I just had a listen. Got no idea why rspn put it under AnimeSuite lmao

  13. I saw another leak claiming racing stripe bundle is a octane bundle. Which is true?

  14. Could be either no way to 100% tell.

  15. so will this skin be craftable as well or just limited store rotation?

  16. Not craftable, EA wouldn’t want to lose money like that

  17. That "Treasure chest" Charm makes me hope a bit more about a possible return of Pirate Queen this season🤞🏻

  18. Sending hopes and prayers haha

  19. The pathfinder one come in a bundle or just the skin?

  20. There will probably be a stand-alone bundle for the pathy skin and another bundle that includes the the PK skin

  21. July 21st for collection event I believe.

  22. June July, same thing to me lmao sorry

  23. That s7 mirage skin from fight night - Boogie Down

  24. Marble Goddess already exists, so why not use in game footage for the hands? Cause the ones in that video aren't entirely accurate

  25. I do not have Marble Goddess so it’s much easier for me to just render out

  26. Honestly, you should change your background. These colours are very bright and distracting. Maybe use in game map pieces or something else. Also showing only one textured skin is kinda dissapointing.

  27. I have changed this in my recent videos, sticking to a dark-ish solid color background for First person, and rendered ingame for 3rd person showcase, thanks for the feedback

  28. Is heroanime a thematic event or a collection event? Does Valk heirloom come in Hero Anime?

  29. Heroanime will be the Thematic event for Season 13 yes. The valk heirloom should be coming during the "Awakening" event aka herohunter.

  30. These aren't really accurate. They're a little less bright in game

  31. Yeah, I just increase the emission in all of my showcases as imo it looks better and makes it pop.

  32. I’m truly sorry sir please don’t sue me 😯

  33. Probably gonna be within a bonus bundle for horizon, same with the holo packs

  34. Does that mean that Horizon will be given out for free, or her packs will be a part of an event?

  35. There will probably be a store bundle that might have a rare horizon skin + a couple thematic packs

  36. Showcase Youtubers trying to find the worst possible light/background to alter the look of the skin as much as possible

  37. Thanks for the feedback, will be reverting back to solid color background, or an environment with more lighting.

  38. Easy buff: port from ~68m to 80m

  39. It’s on party crasher I think you could probably export that and then delete the stuff you don’t need

  40. Hopefully it’s S13 launch (may 10) or reasonably s13 split 2

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