1. I didn’t address the points because I agreed with and thanked OP for their message. I actually read that article yesterday at OP’s suggestion Look at the first paragraph. It says attacking the tone, not the message. I never did that. I thanked them for the message. Simultaneously I criticized their improper hostility. Why would I continue talking about a message I appreciate and agree with? They explained it, I thanked them. That was the end of it. At the same time, OP was out of line and I said something. OP then misused tone policing and here we are; they didn’t like that I called out that they crossed a line and the conversation devolved. You’re basically saying I shouldn’t point out unwarranted behavior if I agree with their message. Is this the behavior I should reflect on? When people go on inappropriate tirades at me, I should stay silent and docile?

  2. You said you had "a human reaction". But you interpret her human reaction to having to explain racism to a white person (which POC do often) as hostility. Yes, that is tone-policing.

  3. That's really common in immigrant families. A lot of the parents don't seem to understand that they are their kid's only connection to the culture. Back home, the culture and language was everywhere. So they didn't need direct instruction. But if your kids are growing up in a foreign country and culture, hearing and speaking a foreign language all day, that's what will affect them the most. By 3rd or 4th generation, a lot of descendants of immigrants lose connection to their culture for a reason.

  4. They don't realize that their comparisons aren't helping their point. It only reveals their racism or misogynoir. Usually they're communicating that it's a travesty that they can't be blatant with their racism or are dehumanizing black women using racist tropes that date back the 1700s.

  5. Honestly, learning about how First Nations are treated in Canada really changed my entire outlook of the country 😭

  6. Not saying it's much better in Eastern Canada but the prejudice against Natives in Alberta is so blatant. Even immigrants take part in it. It was disturbing, to say the least.

  7. I agree. Funny thing is, it's not even an insult. It's just factual.

  8. Eh. If you look at the lowest educated states in the US and check the demographics of ethnicity, they're usually dominated by white people. Check the people who are in charge, also white people. I'm not blaming white people for the issues but think of it as something similar to the witch trials. Focusing all your fear and hate onto one thing in order to avoid the bigger issues.

  9. I don't think our education system can change this. It's still important to educate people properly. But the Internet is a powerful socialisation agent that can spread certain ideologies and reduce others. There's a reason why large companies invest heavily in influencing people's political views online.

  10. Oh you can’t say it cause you’ll get banned. I called them out for having a shootout in my upper class diverse neighborhood. I did get temporarily banned. And my parents/family are immigrants from an extremely poor island that never thought about doing this shit. Seems like people forget their are people that come here with NOTHING, like my family, who were also slaves, and still won’t use this as an excuse to have shootouts.

  11. My family are immigrants from a poor country that was colonized. We live in a country where a minority population that have a long history of being oppressed and brutalized here are believed by the majority to be more inclined to criminal behaviour. We don't participate in the racism against them but we do notice even other POC immigrants do though. Too many of them, in fact.

  12. And this is why I hate the brothers making the rest of us look bad. Fucking dumbass no sight having bitches

  13. History shows respectability politics doesn't work. Racism doesn't exist because of the oppressed. Racism is solely caused by racists.

  14. That's not even the worst part of that trainwreck of a thread. They're going full-on racist and the mods aren't doing anything to deal with it.

  15. I just found out that he also had a YouTube cooking show and a cookbook. He was apparently a talented cook, on top of a great artist. RIP to a legend.

  16. Going to white or non-black people for advice on racism - outside of legal or other policy-related advice - never goes well. At best, they invalidate very real concerns of racism as imagined by the black individual. Either way, you're not going to get helpful or good advice.

  17. I know some people are mad about these posts, but I love them. This reckoning is needed. I've been on Reddit only two years, and the amount of HATE I've seen towards black folk based on that sub is wild. Next time some racist fool inevitably brings that sub up on ask Reddit as rEvErSe RaCiSm, I'll be sure to link allllll these posts. Shitting on black people using that sub as an excuse is a great way to rack up awards on here, and I'm sick of it.

  18. Exactly. Meanwhile, that sub has the same issue with racism and censorship of black people as any other sub on reddit. 😕 They don't represent us.

  19. Hence I never bothered with a country club sign up this go around. I just realised im making infrastructure on rented land. why bother, I don't need a tick to prove im black and if im too late to the country club thread so be it, I'm not with the BS moves

  20. That's the crazy part. Black users have to prove their race but the mods aren't even black. It doesn't make sense.

  21. Commented on a thread about how white people mad that Little Mermaid is black. Someone said “its mad quiet in here” and I responded “mods got hit in their feels lol”.

  22. Yeah uh, I'll be honest I usually don't see just any black folk resorting down to a, " you're too stupid to talk to." Like, that's the most weakest shit to say. I know it's not good to stereotype us, but when have you heard/read some black folks really going for that kinda lame cop out insult? As a mod, too? They just told on themselves right there

  23. I'm African in Canada but even in different cultural contexts, I've never seen a black person conduct themself that way.

  24. there shouldn’t be any other “poc” as mods anyways. that’s weird asf. it’s a sub FOR black ppl that should be moderated BY black ppl.

  25. This. I'm tired of the invasion of POC in black issues and spaces.

  26. 100% this. But I’ve also seen guys who would otherwise act fine, start to tease/insult the girl when another guy comes around? I don’t know what that’s about but it’s just as annoying.

  27. I see this more often than guys insulting their friends in front of women. Guys fear looking like a "simp" more than anything.

  28. I mean think about it, I’d bet a majority of people on Reddit are men. You see this post and say “wonder what the answers people are giving, hopefully something nice like wives missing their husbands or daughters missing their fathers.” “Less rape” “Well I’ve never raped anyone or ever thought about it downvote” Then once you’re negative the hive mind takes over

  29. What's interesting is that by being defensive about any mention of how it's often men who rape women and discouraging discussion, they're contributing to a culture where this can't change. Too many men enable the conditions where this continues to be a problem so the idea that rape would drop significantly if men disappeared is absolutely true.

  30. I'm surprised they even temporary banned the guy. Reddit lets horrid shit fly by all the time.

  31. Yet they took OP's post down and said they should expect comments like that.

  32. The comments are terrible. Commenters are accusing the children of acting because they can't relate to not having adequate representation. And they're getting hundreds of upvotes. Anyone explaining why they feel happy at seeing a black princess is downvoted.

  33. I disagree, because race is very much real even if it’s not biological and a social construct. This does a tremendous disservice to diaspora communities, such as African-Americans, West Indians, and Latinos, who are highly racialized, not only in the US, but abroad.

  34. As a "racialized" person, what OP said was correct. It's the colour blind stance that's harmful - it only serves to diminish the experiences minorities face. But pointing out the fact that race isn't genetic is very necessary and helpful. Believing race is biological is what harms racialized groups. Our perceptions of race and ethnicity need to change.

  35. It's wonderful to learn about family history. However, there is no nuance to race if we're talking about it beyond a sociological or political standpoint. Scientifically speaking, race does not exist.

  36. I'm a millennial but I remember how common it was to see people out and about to socialize. Parks were full of people hanging out or having picnics. There were regular block parties and barbecues where entire neighborhoods would come out for. There were a lot of events where you would meet new people. Not to network or for any purpose. Just to have fun.

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