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  1. I still hope that Torkoal gets Weather Ball not long after Hoenn Tour.

  2. A very curious case is Galarian Corsola/Cursola. I feel like it may be good with the right moveset, but how will it be distributed? Maybe just like Galarian Farfetch'd?

  3. The main QoL update I want is mass send, mass open and mass delete gifts. There is literally no reason to not allow this and every person I've spoken to aboutnut has agreed.

  4. I can't see many who would disagree with that, but I can tell you a big reason why they won't: Stickers.

  5. Personally I kinda feel like the switch to seasons really killed diversity of spawns too, so during those rare times there's no event, you're only seeing the same 10 species 99% of the time. I get that the more pokemon they add the harder finding any given species gets, but seasons meant that many species become functionally event exclusive for months at a time at niantic's whim.

  6. I'm not going to fully defend seasons, but I will say this, spawn diversity was just as bad before seasons started.

  7. Their tweet said that they had changed for the season, so most likely they won't change back until December at the earliest.

  8. It would be an interesting idea to do seasonal apparel rotations for the leaders. Maybe they'll have Winter-y themed apparel in December.

  9. Dragonite and Garchomp are pretty common. Excadrill can usually beat them if they have no shields, but with shields they destroy Excadrill.

  10. Gyarados (Dragon Breath for fast move), Metagross, Mamoswine isn't a bad team.

  11. I'll try these rotations out. thanks! what seem to be meta rn? are there a lot of mewtwo/dragon users?

  12. Depends on which cup you're playing. I've been playing in ML Premier Classic (So nothing over level 40 and no Legendaries), which has been primarily Dragonite, Excadrill, Togekiss, Gyarados, and occasional things like Florges, Sylveon, Mamoswine, Swampert, etc.

  13. kinda funny people complaining about master league...but they are willing to even use an ETM in an useless machoke and double move him for be able to use it in a cup for 1 week and never use it again... while ML pokemon are used for the eternity in raids and gyms

  14. Idk tbh. Machoke, Nidorina, and Nidorino are all viable in the Evolution Cup, but I have a hard time believing many would actually power them up to 50 (in the case of the Nidos) or actually use an Elite TM on Machoke.

  15. I miss ML Classic soooo much. I enjoyed using my level 40 legendaries, Dialga, Melmetal, Lugia, and Zarude especially. You can use level 40 Zarude in Open Master and it works, but it's not as good as in classic.

  16. Give us a button we can preset the item levels on, and that pressing it will toss the selected items to the selected level. Ie always toss all potions, always toss hyper potions to 20 etc. That would be the dream. I totally feel the pain between haunter spotlight hour and litwick com day I am grinding for 2k+ great balls.

  17. I'd love that. If I could limit my berries, potions, and revives to specific ceiling values, that'd be wonderful. Doubt it would happen, but I'd love to see it. Even if it mean I could spin a stop and get only potions that would be automatically thrown out, I'd still like it

  18. I think that a method they could actually employee is when we delete items if they appeared on the map in a satchel. Another trainer could click the satchel and take the items. I think it would deal with a lot of the abuse they might be worried about with trading/sale of items and also still encourage exploration and would be helpful to players who can't get out as much or don't want to drive to Pokestop dense areas.

  19. I like that idea a lot, and it would promote a sense of community, but when it comes to items especially, Niantic doesn't seem to want that.

  20. Well done! Though I will say, "finally getting to Ace" does kind of lend credit to the idea of it still being hard to compete without level 50 Legendaries.

  21. Yeah I completely agree. Obviously it's not for everyone. You need to like to play and are okay with having some bad streaks. This season has been a lot tougher all around though. My bug team last season made it to ace pretty early in the season but I never had to play masters. This is my first time trying it out and finally pulling the trigger on a 96 genesect. (Only event I tried hard on so far)

  22. You're right! Heck, even with my generic ML Premier Classic Team, I had a nice hot streak at the beginning of GBL day, rising to 2724 but then sinking to the low 2600s later that day and the rest of the weekend.

  23. Garchomp, Melmetal I see a lot of. I didn't see Rhyperior at all in OML today. In MLPC, I saw it several times though.

  24. Makes perfect sense. Garchomp and Melmetal are prominent ML Pokemon who are some of the easiest to get to level 50 due to Gible CD last year and the Mystery Box.

  25. Yeah tbh the GL/UL meta has made me appreciate a lot of pokemon I'd otherwise grab for dex filler and that's it.

  26. Pokemon like Noctowl, Vigoroth, Alolan Marowak, and dare I say really really prominent ones like G. Fisk, Azu, and Trevenant are Pokemon who I've definitely come to appreciate. It's fun that they can shine in Go when many are garbage in traditional VGC in the main series

  27. Niantic must change this ASAP. It’s very difficult to win 3 out of 5 games and then you get dissapointed by encountering a wingull or meditite, to name a few. This is not the way to entice more players into GBL.

  28. I don't even need Legendary Encounters. They're generally what I want most, but there could be other Pokemon who would entice me.

  29. I would NOT use Walrein in PvE. It's really bad.

  30. For PVE, you want pokemon maxed out. So that limits you to master league. Mewtwo, dialga, kyogre, groudon, dragonite, giratina, togekiss would all fit that bill.

  31. Pidgeot I think is one asterisk to this. A perfect is just what you need for Ultra and it's a very solid Flying Mega, though obviously that's a nicher type.

  32. Fuggit, do all the stuff listed and start a YouTube channel. I would subscribe to watch your journey.

  33. Truthfully, idk if that sounds up their alley. I can't speak for them of course, but if the documenting and editing isn't their forte, then it would just be an extra chore. Sure it could be nice for others to experience OP's escapades, but from what I'm gathering from their responses here, they don't seem to care about that sort of thing

  34. I have a level 6 floette with 0/15/14 IV, to get it to 1500 is 294/182XL plus 430K stardust. God bless whoever is building that it’s not me

  35. I went and check the matrix as to how a Rank 1 faired vs the default PvPokemon IV spread vs a 15/14/15 one (goes to level 38.5), and there's very little notable difference.

  36. The anniversary promos usually show upcoming Pokemon (though some past ones have shown Megas that still aren't out like Mega Mewtwo and lucario).

  37. That graph seems like a good representation of the value of every feature this game introduces. Why can't nice things ever stay nice?

  38. While I 100% see you're point, I'll give... SOME credit to various QOL choices they've made.

  39. I've discussed it previously, but from my and others' experiences, they 100% adjust encounters over the course of seasons, seemingly as bosses change.

  40. Agreed. It wouldn't sting nearly as much if it weren't just Wingull, Meinfoo and other generally useless spawns.

  41. Even some boosted shiny rate mons would be a little better. Not saying I'm enthusiastic about Nincada or Feebas, but at least they'd have a boosted shiny rate. Spirtomb would've been fun for this season too and is boosted, but nah. Wingull

  42. Candela doesnt look half bad. Spark looks sketchy. Blanche... no

  43. This is Niantic we are talking about, there is no rhyme or reason to what they do. The only difference I can think of this year is the two opportunities to purchase events for Shaymin opposed to prior years just being the one GoFest experience. This was the first time there was a paid finale available and arguably the best finale event which included four new Ultra Beasts. Like others have said, it could be released at Thanksgiving or Christmas because it is the gratitude pokemon and that fits right into thanksgiving/being thankful. I wouldn't overly stress it, Shaymin is not a meta breaking pokemon or even a top tier Mon. Other than a dex entry, it's just going to sit and collect dust. If we're going to get all up in arms, let's use that energy and demand Kecleon be added to the game.

  44. That's probably true, but they'd benefit from actually saying MLC is not going to return.

  45. That's the only reason I'm keeping my legendaries at 40. I'm hoping that they'll bring back MLC, Just like they did with MLPC this season

  46. That's my hope as well. If they do say it's dead, at least I'll know I can pull the trigger. There's a few things I could bring to 50, like my Melmetal, Dialga, Excadrill, Dragonite, and my Zacian and Groudon to maybe 46-47.

  47. I've been running Excadrill as my lead to decent success. Swampert, Waterfall Gyarados, and fighting leads have been pretty sparce. It's been mostly Dragonite and Fairies.

  48. I'm running Excadrill, Gyarados (dragon breath), Dragonite. Obviously things like fighting/Swampert lead double fairy are losses, but I really havent seen those

  49. +1, azu has so many counters these days it’s weird people still hate it. I’m personally so over gunfisk, it’s probably only going to get worse when people run toxapex counters.

  50. +1. Poison becoming a lot more viable last year along with things like Trevenant and Zap Cannon Registeel brought it way down in relevance. Or at least, it's far far more manageable than it once was.

  51. Nabbed myself a Rank 3 yesterday right before raid hour thanks to a community call out (1/15/14). Good to hear it's still able to meet a few of the high bulk highlights!

  52. The complaints are mainly from shiny hunters and are caused by the lack of any interesting shinies to hunt. Most shiny hunters care about shinies above all, and very little else in the game gets us actually excited. I'll take the dust and the XL and the meta spawns, but none of those things actually excite me or even motivate me to play in the first place. For me and people with my play style, this event gives me no reason to even open my game, let alone a reason to go anywhere. We want to hunt and do the grind while we're hunting, not just grind. You may disagree with that way of playing, but shiny hunters make up a pretty large chunk of the player base, so it shouldn't necessarily surprise you that it exists.

  53. I like this event, and I'm a PvE player, PvP player, and shiny hunter. I will admit though, I think they could've done a little more for this event.

  54. So what’s the theme with the spawns? Pokémon with unique evolutions? Only thing special about kakuna is they have mega evolutions. If that’s the reason, they seem like odd picks

  55. Seems to be all evolve with an item, with the exception being Haunter and Kadabra, though I guess they need Mega Energy to Mega evolve??

  56. Yes of course but my original point is that I don't really think it makes sense to have mega gary as a raid day, which (should?) be reserved for more limited pokemon you'd wanna go hard for over the course of a few hours. Just throw gary back in mega tier raids for a week or something. It having or not having AT is besides the point.

  57. I see what you mean now. I don't disagree. I guess I'll say this, I'm happy to have it there over no raid day at all. It's not new, but I'll be happy to get a few free pass raids in for more energy.

  58. Yeah I try to not complain about pokemon releases like some people here do (calling every new thing trash unless its top meta) but this just feels like a particularly uninspiring raid day pick. It'll help folks level up their garys for the Toxapex and Yveltal raids though I guess.

  59. Yeah I've accepted the way Niantic does things in terms of new Pokemon and such, so I'm really not often disappointed unless they nuke a Pokemon's viability. Not everything needs to break the meta haha.

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