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  1. It's nice to see vox hunter in some fanart, good job!

  2. thank ya! it's cool to find finally another Fox Clan's enjoyer :)

  3. Oops I'm sorry, I'm not American and i forgot that there they put first the month, then the day

  4. Apparte che hai fatto i capelli al contrario, per il resto è bellissima 🤩🤩

  5. Grazie mille, beh per i capelli diciamo che la parte rosa è più carina, così la possiamo ammirare meglio eheh

  6. Signori quando questi due diventeranno famosi e gireranno il mondo come cantanti io sarò fiero di dire di aver collaborato con loro

  7. yeah there are a lot of concept, i was inspired by all of them

  8. Questo è uno dei crossover più epici che abbiamo mai fatto

  9. I really like the new remodel, and you represented it well

  10. in fact this season is reminding me a lot of season X, and the unstable zero point also reminds me of the event that didn't end very well ...

  11. Happy cake day!! And you make a very good point, although it is very doubtful theyd change the map after 3 seasons lol

  12. That's pretty good, it's like the cubes got hold of him when he still had the armor

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