Trevor Noah to Exit ‘Daily Show’ After Seven Years

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  1. I’m thinking I’d bust a manual across that freshly-paved rectangle, follow it up with a barely-landed rocket flip, then tic-tac over to that bench and ollie into a nose stall.

  2. Is there usually a restriction on not upgrading healing items (gourds, flasks, etc.) in SL1 runs? Maybe on one run you could forgo using sugars/confetti?

  3. Waiting for $0.01, kept checking to see if it would go that low during the holiday sale, but no luck.

  4. These games are all about perseverance and overcoming seemingly impossible challenges. It may take dozens or even hundreds of more tries, but if you stick with it, eventually you will prevail. Don’t give up, Tarnished!

  5. At first I read it as 99 cents and I thought it was actually a pretty good idea since it is so pathetic that I imagine a lot of people would be tempted to buy them ironically as gifts to mock him.

  6. Death Squared is a fun multiplayer puzzle game, wish they would make a sequel. It Takes Two is also great.

  7. As someone who has been somewhat curious about Mass Effect for a while and who bought a cheap used disc version of Biomutant a while back but never plays it because he’s too lazy to switch discs out, this is great news.

  8. I did not cheese him on my first playthrough, I did on the second playthrough, mostly just out of curiosity to see if it still worked. Nonetheless, the moment he fell off the cliff I was overcome with crushing guilt and refused to rest until I had beaten him fair and square in a reflection of strength.

  9. Just beat this with a melee character for the first time earlier today. My first playthrough I used one of the flame incantations and stayed on Torrent the whole time to keep my distance and still struggled quite a bit.

  10. Not surprised at all. I know a lot of people who tried Elden Ring and liked the fact that it was open world and involved a ring, but otherwise didn’t like the gameplay. Sonic Frontiers came along and completely revamped the ring-like formula by keeping the open world concept and adding the ability to acquire an unlimited number of rings.

  11. Do you know thymesia ? I heard it was the first real sekiro like. You said you make 5 - 10 games with the same mechanics, wich ones ?

  12. Yeah, I’d recommend Thymesia. It can be a little janky here and there, and it’s pretty short, but for what it is it was pretty fun / challenging and the combat was satisfying. I think I got it on sale for $23 when it first came out, I’d say it was money well spent!

  13. Wow, never noticed that was a sword

  14. Sing this every time I play basketball with my kids.

  15. Yep, just finished it a few weeks ago, great book!

  16. My personal favorite, glad I got to see them play it in full on the 10-year-anniversary tour.

  17. Dude, me too! I flew out to Ontario to see it. It was wild, and Flatliners were playing the ten year anniversary of the Great Awake.

  18. Ah, that would have been cool to see! I saw the leg of the tour with Such Gold on it, they were great, too.

  19. Love both but definitely Nioh collection.

  20. The best "episode" i've seen was him ranting about the davinci code.

  21. Haven’t seen any of his stuff in years but that was great.

  22. I would like something that is a little lighter in tone but had the basic gameplay mechanics of the souls games. For example, the way the world looks in a game like Horizon Zero Dawn or Biomutant (although I only saw very little of the world because I never bothered to get very far in it), but with souls mechanics. In short: more Limgrave, less Caelid.

  23. Go to the page for the game, click on the little ellipsis (“…”) icon and you should see the option to download the demo there. You need to be connected while playing but I don’t think you need to be in the extra tier.

  24. A lot of his later albums are really good, too! Check out Silver Age.

  25. Ah, interesting, I am having a similar problem but assumed it was because there was something I didn’t understand about how the game works.

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