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  1. What in the holy sticker fuck is going on here?

  2. I see this post as I’m working with HM rep for my two Logitech embody chair delivery that was supposed to arrive on wednesday but was missing one chair.

  3. Sorry yours went missing that sucks. But there's a lot of shipments in the US/world. What are the odds this is your specific chair lol?

  4. Working with Samsung first. Hm. I wonder if this is an indication they might implement HDR10+.

  5. Microsoft and Samsung have a pretty close relationship already I believe. Samsung phones and tables connect with windows pretty well. You can even use a Samsung tablet as a second screen if I recall and use android apps now in windows. Guess it makes sense they went with Samsung first.

  6. The relationship you're taking about involves different parts of each company than what would be involved here. Xbox having a direct relationship with Samsung would be new.

  7. Oh I know the xbox side of Microsoft hasn't had a direct relationship with Samsung. I just mean that they were able to work together with windows and phones/tablets. It's probably easier to start with a company you have a working relationship.

  8. If someone is grabbing your hair and hitting you in the face. Imo regardless of gender, full send into the shadow realm is warranted.

  9. I have been having the same issue. Completely stopped working a couple weeks back for my devices.

  10. I always do mobile orders. I hate taking the laborious minutes to give my order with customizations and everything through the shitty intercom.

  11. Yesssss. I explain this to my wife, I don't want to explain my whole edited order everytime.

  12. I’ve been running experimental lag fix the entire time and never had issues with performance while beating any of the four main stages

  13. Yup I've been running experimental lag as well since day one and never had any issues too.

  14. I've always had poor luck with FedEx, USPS, and DHL. FedEx is like, "oh damn we still have this thing? Let's deliver it a week late". USPS just loses shit and goes "huh, we had you package with this tracking number scanned in our system?". And DHL is like: Clears customs, package ready out of CA, sent to OH, and back to CA to ship to AZ. I've had the best luck with UPS by far with both receiving packages early and completely unscathed. I would like to note that FedEx with my Steamdeck sat with a scan into their system for 3 days without motion and after asked about it scanned 2 days in a row at the initial scan and then eventually made motion all while rubbing in my face "package arriving early" on the tracking page.

  15. DHL by far is the worst of them for me personally. Whenever I see DHL as the shipper, honestly I just sigh. Last DHL order was from best buy last Christmas. Christmas gift I ordered, was scheduled out for delivery and then never arrived. Called best buy and was told to wait a day or two. Called back after 5 days (we will look into it). Forgot about it. 3 weeks later I had to call them and demand a new order. I think that DHL order still says out for delivery lol.

  16. So how many more of these before valve understands that FedEx is a trash company that shouldn't be used?

  17. Honestly, most shipping companies are pretty trash. My company uses both FedEx and UPS. We have had many major losses by both carriers over the years.

  18. I love the ones for TV shows they publish every week or two that's like "Everything we know about Season 2 of ______! Release date, casting, storylines!"

  19. This. This is hands down the most annoying shit to read. I honestly don't even look at them unless they are from a known source. Every other site is just a run on garbage guess and a "who knows, maybe" on another season coming out. Trash writing.

  20. Hi sorry, forgot to mark it. Ended up selling it on ebay.

  21. Huh, makes sense why I had to use the arrow keys now lol.

  22. the system is built on hate and oppression... police work for big business and the wealthy... when money is involved police walk on eggshells... otherwise they're tyrants... check this

  23. About your video link. Love to hear it smh. He was allowed to resign... They always get an out. Never just fired. Gives them an opportunity to go to another department. Though to be fair if he was fired I'm sure another department would still hire him.

  24. pensions?, even when officers commit heinous crimes..... before conviction / sentencing, some are allowed to resign to keep their pensions [for family and years served reasons]

  25. Ya I totally get that as the reason why they are allowed to resign. But that's what's so frustrating. They can commit these acts, be it assault like your video or even worse. And then they are allowed to resign instead of being fired. Tell me what other jobs allow that. It's bullshit, if I still $10k from my work, you better believe they will fire me and probably call the police. I won't be allowed to resign and keep any perks I had from the job. System is fucked up.

  26. Ya ok...fuck this...fuck everything about this.

  27. I feel you, my US order is 10:00am on the dot for the 512gb and still no email.

  28. 512gb US ordered at 10:00am on the dot and still no email...oh well.

  29. Hmm, let me know when you’re doing prints or even a tote bag. I want it as a gift for family.

  30. .... I read tote bag as "toe tag" had to double take lol.

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