1. The level requirements is to prevent the feature from being abused.

  2. Old maps and old sound are good idea. But the old model might not be possible for certain class because old ak, sniper, lmg and shotgun model is made into contraband already.

  3. The most important thing is to learn to slide hop, and then learn to kill while moving at high speeds. Since you're a beginner, I recommend starting with Trooper and switching to another class when you're more comfortable.

  4. i think deagle should have 7 shots and it should one shot snipers, im not playing the game until its good again. pubs are bland af, the deagle was never so op that people complained about it.. until now. im halfway to a lunar eclipse deagle but now i dont feel like grinding it anymore coz its useless

  5. Previous season have better matchmaking than this season. I spent 2 weeks to climb up from silver 4 to silver 1 and lose all my progress within a week. The worst thing is, krunker started to puts master and diamonds in silver lobby.

  6. Soul Essence : I haven't got 1 for months. Maybe You can buy some from Market.


  8. There were nearly 100+ people banned in this wave who met the anti-cheat specifications. Everyone on this list was banned for loading & using cheat software in-game, there are no false positives for the same reason you don't accidentally login to someone's account using the wrong password.

  9. Sand was fine 😢 why not new maps but only reworks? I'm fine with it ig and I'm thankful for the new content but sometimes these aren't helpful

  10. Your weapon FOV and weapon Y offset is set to lowest. (Weapon bobbing and leaning is also probably maxed out)

  11. Thanks. Issue fixed after I changed Weapon Y offset and weapon bobbling.

  12. If he doesn't boost, he won't need to delete the comments that ppl call him booster.

  13. He nuked on me in Ranked on an account below Level 10.

  14. Im basing my claims on the fact that when you look at the customs all you see is the trade lobby with 50 players and a zombie map with 30 players and pretty much the same games ive been seeing for the past month. There may be 3000 or so people playing customs but in a day its so spread out that its only 200 players at a time playing the same maps ive seen for months spread out between these maps so its around 15 players for even popular games. The only reason to play customs anymore is with twitch streamers bc they get get a big group of people to play with.

  15. You don't even know why Stremz was banned. He deserved that.

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