1. Anyone else think this movie was pretty awful in the animation department?

  2. This isn’t something that is being released in theaters. So it doesn’t make sense to spend so much on animation. Would you spend $80,000,000 on an animated movie that is only going to be released on a streaming service?

  3. “HomePod automatically adjusts Siri's response volume based on the level of noise in the room, your distance from HomePod, and how loudly you're speaking to Siri.”

  4. Nothing like Siri blasting “I’m sorry I couldn’t find turn off the lights in your home” at 11pm

  5. Why this is not already implemented I'll never know.

  6. We can’t even select which HomeKit garage door that shows up in CarPlay. You think they are going to let us select a hub.

  7. Currently IKEA does not charge for charging, wonder if that will change with 30+ additional stations per site…

  8. I think that's recent as well, they used to have shitty blink stations and we're charging like $0.58/kwh.

  9. Yeah they ripped them out and put some ChargePoints. Blink stations are so overpriced it is insane.

  10. This is going to be a hard sell with 6 wall connectors being required. Most hotels or restaurants I have been to only have 2 or 3 wall connectors. It will be hard to convince businesses to install more especially since J1772 is becoming more common from the other brands. Why install a wall connector and limit myself to only Tesla customers when I could install a J1772 solution and have it open to all electric vehicles and Teslas.

  11. Get rid of the dealer license plate frames too 🫡

  12. Yes. The plastic around the charge port melts and the charger no longer moves because it's molded together. You should contact support. I had my base replaced for Free.

  13. Has this been fixed in a newer revision or does it still happen?

  14. It would be better to put this on the unlock button then you can lock and unlock your car. Usually when you click the unlock button and don’t open any doors for 30 seconds the car will re lock. I’m not sure how it works on kias but it might be something to look into.

  15. Look up positive Covid test on twitter and just steal an image. Your boomer boss is going to make you come in anyways since Covid isn’t real.

  16. seems like a third-party widget - the icons don’t match

  17. I wonder if they just abandoned working on this after release because the newer Teslas are including Matrix LED lights and why continue developing something that is worse than Matrix?

  18. I personally think it’s not worth it. Summon works ok (not smart summon though). NOA makes dumb lane change decisions. Auto lane change is great if you do a lot of autopilot highway driving and auto park doesn’t really work most of the time when you want to use it.

  19. How am I supposed to rush out with my trash cans if I can’t hear the garbage truck.

  20. No CCS adapter in the US yet, but people are ordering them from Korea where they are available. It will likely be available soon.

  21. Yeah I guess. Just weird how they would specifically mention Tesla when they don’t have an official solution for the US market

  22. Yeah, it’s not a defect. It’s so you don’t blind the left hand traffic coming towards you

  23. I wish scheduled departures could work with calendar events so it would work automatically.

  24. I think this is the alert that pops up if you drive faster than the set autopilot speed. You are pressing the accelerator and therefore disabling the auto braking.

  25. No the error that shows up is something along the lines of “Crusie control will not brake due to acceleration” not disabling AEB

  26. Bump it up to 45 Mbps on the upload and we have a deal. Trashy cable companies are moving far too slow with DOCSIS upgrades and need a kick in the pants.

  27. Make the requirement symmetrical 😂😂

  28. Honest question: why? Shouldn’t it be based on usage which is primarily download?

  29. Because it gives you the fastest speeds possible to do upload-heavy tasks like making video calls, uploading files, and live streaming.

  30. Haven’t had this issue but it’s obviously defective. If you bought these at Nike you should be able to do a warranty replacement but since they don’t make these anymore they will probably only give you store credit or what you paid.

  31. I wouldn't be surprised if we see the radio disappear completely in the next few years... I'd be curious what the usage statistics show for the radio.

  32. I don’t think I’ve ever used the radio since I bought my car I hate listening to non stop ads

  33. Actually they did not say it cannot sound like a fart. They said that all the cars from the manufacturer need to make the same sound. So Tesla could choose the fart sound as the official sound for backing the car up. And that would actually abide by the ruling.

  34. My work won’t even install chargers 🤣

  35. I know that Tesla Wall chargers can restrict who can use the charger, not sure if can do it for other brand than Tesla though.

  36. All cars have a VIN. So I'm assuming the communication between the charger and the car is limited to Tesla.

  37. Yeah the charger only allows you to use Tesla VINs sorry for not being more clear.

  38. People don't agree on what the best place is, so they'll never standardize unless forced.

  39. I’ll just assume they will go to a more common place in the future like ICE cars for filling gas. What will that place will be? Who knows.

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