1. And to think we could fucking stomp the russians if we wanted. the one time we could go to war, crush an enemy, and then immediately hand over the keys to a willing and ready govt... and instead we've a record of shit like Iraq, Afghanistan, South Vietnam...ughhhh.

  2. surprise, its coming from Hungary and Austria... ahem, I mean West Ruzzia.

  3. that looks like vomit. 100% would not touch.

  4. Lets send them all of our Bradley Coopers too.

  5. Just FYI - you can work in Irvine but you can live in any of the surrounding cities and still have a reasonable commute by car. Some cities are more affordable than others. Irvine and most of south Orange County tend to be more expensive.

  6. i think this guy just wants his little kingdom in Donbas. He doesnt really wanna be Russian or Ukrainian, just willing to use whichever side to obtain it.

  7. Probably hate and despise both equally, but in different ways.

  8. is this ua or rus? cuz that seems kinda janky af

  9. The guy who prepares the grenade in Ukrainian camouflage

  10. Weather is probably nicer in MB than in Murrieta.

  11. Hey now, we're also a close 2nd place for maple syrup.

  12. and guns. we have lots of guns and lots of people who like to shoot their guns. at other people.

  13. their cars do look pretty sexy tho

  14. trauma in the private practice world can be / used to be really lucrative

  15. im surprised no one has tried some botox for your serratus to counteract that pull and potentially relieve the pain.

  16. Have you researched the zoning of the property, the areas conserved from development for environmental purposes, and the requirements for access? I'd recommend checking with local government to get a sense of what's possible before buying. Best wishes!

  17. on top of that - you need to check whether utilities like electric, telephone/cable, water, and septic are already available on the land or at the very least on an adjacent plot. If these things are not, your cost of bringing these utilities to the land can be significant. Like another 100-200k depending on where the nearest connection is and how many utilities.

  18. Can confirm - cost us about 650 last year. but we had 4 states and a federal to file. it was a headache.

  19. Awesome... you can't get better than 100% 👍

  20. you are wrong. russia has destroyed 700% of ukrainian navy and over 2000% of ukrainian F-35 fighters and bio-pigeons.

  21. Society Hill is very nice. Northern Liberties, Art Museum area, University City are all nice neighborhoods. Maybe you just haven’t driven through those neighborhoods. At any rate, you’re way off to compare the entire city to Detroit. Get real.

  22. lol. You're trying so hard to defend Philly when it really is a trash city. Art museum district had a huge homeless encampment across the road for a full on two years. Smelled like shit and piss. Literally a 1000 yards from all the supposedly nice hotels and other apartments etc. Probably still there since last i checked. Philly is garbage.

  23. uhh yeah when you're listing the "nice neighborhoods" and theres an uncontrollable homeless encampment then yeah, its a shit city. invest if you, want but forget any appreciation on your property. don't see any homeless encampments in Brentwood and Beverly Hills.

  24. pretty sure the pieg irl. driver is a pigeon in real life 😏

  25. its so you can pee any time from your room. but no pooping unless you remove the grate firsf.

  26. and thats why you dont invest in emerging markets. 🤣

  27. Long term capital gains on 100k isn’t much. I’d probably avoid the hassle and not 1031

  28. isnt it about 22k? i mean depending on who you are its still some dollars.

  29. lol why buy insurance then? they just dont want the hassle. but sounds like they're just trying to get quick cash out of you.

  30. I don't think he even understands what the Russian soldiers will be facing in June, July and August.

  31. maybe tactical nuke. but thats about it.

  32. is that theie music in the background? is that some gangsta rap? lol Ukrbros are OG

  33. its essentially idiot proof instructions. as long as youre not in the area of surgery + where any electrodes are attached (mostly torso and thighs), youre fine.0

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