1. Games are so long today that Danya mic's battery died.

  2. Rapport's interviews are such mood, whatever result he gets.

  3. Hikaru plays like people using Stockfish online choosing suboptimal move from time to time so that it is not obvious they are cheating. I wouldn't have found Ra2 and Bd1 in million years.

  4. Why take a draw if you can play for draw/loss.

  5. He was playing for Nepo's blunder/loss. Low chance of one, but took the risk.

  6. Today's games are truly something else.

  7. Who is actually appearing? Qui Gon Gin?

  8. What happens if a player wins the tournament at say round 12 or 13? Do they still play round 14?

  9. Yes, there are still money prizes for lower finishes and for total points collected.

  10. On Chess24 stream when Nepo went Qg4

  11. Canon FD 28mm f/2.8 is my choice for everyday wide angle. Super sharp, nice colors, low aberrations, very lightweight and cheap.

  12. When they're making fun of Picard Season 2 for having a space launch from California... they don't know that there are regular space launches from Vandenberg Air Force Base in Santa Barbara.

  13. Vandenberg is used only for polar orbit launches, for zero inclination (like if you want to go to other solar system bodies, e.g. Europa) you want to launch from East coast and as south as possible.

  14. It is T4 mount. It was a interchangeable mount system, you bought one lens and as many T4 adapters as you needed and could use it on cameras from different manufacturers.

  15. So he is using TU1 for sure or might he still change later in weekend?

  16. Might change later. Sky Sports guys said that they asked Leclerc about it and he responded that team will decide based on FP times and how easy overtaking should be based on simulations.

  17. Never, however Grosjean got 1 race ban after his Spa 2012 crash and then penalty points were introduced in 2014 - in part due to that incident.

  18. Haven't had a black and orange flag in a while.

  19. Happened this morning in F2 race, I had to google what it meant since it was so long I've seen it.

  20. Why all the polish ppl play this game? They just know what's good better than others???

  21. BG1 was the first game that got high quality polish voice acting. CD Projekt hired really top notch actors and it became massive hit in Poland.

  22. you made infinity before enigma? infinity is cool for sorc but enigma is like GG for every other class? even is BIS armor for a sorc... just gotta say bold choice there. But yeah LK is a great spot!

  23. I also made Infinity before Enigma on SP. Infinity is pretty much necessary for Javazon (running Baal and Cows) and Trapsin (I like it a lot).

  24. Hamilton's car also never broadcast it, his onboard footage stopped transmitting around lap 10-15 or so. Not saying direction was great, but without the onboard + team radio available, it's easy to miss when the only footage of it is Ocon's onboard.

  25. F1TV onboard view switched to Ocon’s rear viewing camera during their fight giving great view of the incident, so they had that footage available during the race.

  26. Which lap? I found it really weird that ocon was given a penalty for the turn 1 "incident" when, imo, Hamilton was way to ambitious. But it explains a lot if there was an other incident later I'm the race, would really want to see ocons onboard on f1tv.

  27. At 1:41:20, it is lap 19 I think. Ocon got penalty for squeezing Hamilton into the wall. There was one contact between them few laps earlier that was shown on live feed. There is no onboard from it because Lewis' camera was not working from his first pitstop until red flag and Ocon's was showing forward view.

  28. That is a load of BS. First of all, even when the event notes were wrong, the rule about tyres on lines did not change from 2021 to 2022. (Appendix L). It's exactly the same wording. No change there. Also the allegedly wrong "2021 event notes" are in line with what was accepted as the rule: A tyre may not be on the line.

  29. It was changed between 2020 and 2021, probably due to Turkey 2020 Verstappen incident.

  30. 6.8 If the formation lap is started behind the safety car (see Article 49), the original race distance will be deemed to be the distance calculated in accordance with Article 5.4c). However, the maximum race time of three (3) hours (see Article 5.4b)) will commence at the scheduled race start time

  31. So this will be every time we have rain now? No more racing on rain at all ever in formula 1 again? Do they fucking realise how stupid this is for viewers? God fucking damnit.

  32. Probably they are giving teams more time to change to inters. It started raining just 5 minutes before "tyres must go on car" cut off time.

  33. if there’s a latency between how you move and what you see it’s going to make you sick almost immediately

  34. Just measured cable I removed from mine, about 105cm coiled.

  35. Wait until you get blocked by - I think it was BBC? - for GDPR reasons, and they redirect you to their text site that has all of the same content (except images and videos) but loads instantly.

  36. It is NPR, it used to redirect all europeans to text only version, now it only does this if you click "Your choices" (there is actually no choice, you just get redirected to plain HTML version). It looks like this:

  37. It definitely feels oddly timed to say the least. Yes the rule has existed for many years, but why only enforce it now?

  38. Why would it be not possible? Or so hard to do? I don't get the question

  39. Tracks are typically laser-scanned for use in sims for accurate representation. As Miami has just been finished, I don't think it was scanned yet.

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