1. headshot only mode and wingman have been requested for ages now, still hoping :(

  2. I remember the post about the white sound audio on Spotify that had whispers in the background of stuff just like this lol

  3. ngl got to agree with you. the abilities are pretty much the only thing setting val apart from cs and though I really liked cs before the release of val, I can easily say I personally prefer valorant's gameplay because of the fact that it "limits" each character's abilities; sometimes such limits leads to more creative results

  4. def thought he would die at the end

  5. holy shit I thought this was a pic, crazy well drawn

  6. ngl I'm a huge fan of this guys art but kinda put off buy how they draw the face the same every time with really little variation. no bashing at all just an observation

  7. what is that I'm so confused even after googling

  8. these always make me feel so uncomfortable, poor guy

  9. its like a random insult. dog also means dogwater

  10. I dont even play Splatoon but this seems almost more like a joke (not that they're making fun of the disorders)

  11. man's getting slammed for using light mode 😭

  12. yeah it's a weird little easter egg, if you google it some other people have gotten it

  13. spectre from far away is probably the only one I find myself actively using; stinger and bulldog are burst so that's why most don't like it (including me)

  14. penis from sex (INSANE REFERENCE)

  15. I've been solo male with 4 females lol

  16. it’s mostly social anxiety tbh. i’m a girl so just the thought of speaking comms freaks me out a lot when i’m in solo q…which can also be really frustrating since typing comms isn’t really convenient lol. that and, i get super anxious when i’m the last one alive, especially if it’s a 1v1, just knowing everyone’s spectating me causes me to make dumb mistakes because i’m so anxious. but aside from that i don’t think anxiety gets too much in the way of my ability to play

  17. consider disabling spectator count in settings

  18. if you want to get better but it doesn't naturally come to you—that happens to a lot of people—you really have to put a lot of extra effort into the gameplay. think about your weaknesses, beyond just "bad aim". and really think about it.

  19. if you like ADS then go for it; it helps for narrowing spray for, say, spectre, and other situations where it's helpful to "enlarge" your target. of course it slows down your fire rate and that's why pros don't tend to use it, giving you a disadvantage

  20. better to ping, it's auto translated

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