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  1. If I am being completely honest, a lot of things. But to name an important start. Accountability. Taking accountability. Nobody wants to, or does that anymore.

  2. I love INTPs being asked a simple but deep question and then taking the time to answer it with long elaborate Ti answers.

  3. If you have to ask you've had a rough life.

  4. I'm really sorry man. Best of luck in your search. You may also try asking at

  5. Yeah like we are going to know what to do. Giving relationship advice isn't really our specialty.

  6. Either none (which is what I voted) or all in so around six? BTW I am a young adult so that might very well influence my thoughts on this.

  7. I am confused. Self awareness. Who is that. Just kidding but I did have to Google the definition just to make sure.

  8. Theres 8(?) billion people in the world, and 16 personality types, thats 500 million people in each type if evenly distributed. There is going to be a lot of variants within each type. Its all on a spectrum, you may not have extreme/stereotypical INTJ characteristics, but still be INTJ.

  9. The personality types aren't evenly distributed but what you are saying otherwise is very true imo. People do vary within the personality types. MBTI is also just a theory and shouldn't be taken as seriously as some (and me very much included) do. It is meant to be used to improve ourselves and understand our own and others inner workings better.

  10. In my opinion. When dealing with a war, it is always necessary to take the right precautions when reading or listening to information regarding it. I feel most people need to take a step back and look at everything from a helicopter view. This isn't something that happened overnight. Be mindful of what you read and take accountability for your opinions and what you say. Let's be adults. This is not directed at anyone in particular. I don't personally feel that I have enough information (or have researched enough) to say anything on the matter though. Have a great day.

  11. I cannot focus when listening to music, because I will just end up singing along and not doing the actual thing that needs doing. Unless it is like a mindless job ofc.

  12. I took the test as well, and the only thing we have in common is the nihilism vs moralism and maybe hedonism vs asceticism. Interesting

  13. Remember, she is wearing heels. That can give a bit more of a vertical effect.

  14. Hmm If everyone knows, it doesn't excite people if they hear it again.

  15. That match me: I am a slow learner in the beginning, because I can't just trust some formula in a textbook. I need to make up my 'own' maths for everything that I do, unless I understand the formula through and through. Also I like math, chemistry, biology, history... not so much physics but that is a different story.

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