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  1. Tbf this isn’t the worst comment on MMC I’ve seen either.

  2. as someone who struggles with immunity, this is mad impressive. nice job!

  3. Thank you very much! Immunity is the toughest modifier in the game so you’re not alone there.

  4. Wow this is impressive. The assassin is the only class I feel I can’t play well so seeing someone solo such a difficulty challenge with him is so cool to see!

  5. Thank you! You will find assassin is the most versatile class to play, and the way Plat7 is structured is the best class to use if you want high damage, survivability, and maneuverability which are all key elements to doing well in the toughest challenges.

  6. You should try a status effect build it’s insane for mobbing . My favorite Assassin build currently I can give you all the specs if you want lmk

  7. For sure man send it my way I will check it out!

  8. Why melee stagger damage instead of melee damage on the charm? Isn’t it better to deal more melee/ult damage?

  9. This theory is really interesting and seems very natural in the jjk universe. We got instances where knowing yourself and being true to yourself makes you more powerful

  10. Reminds me of Sylar from heroes.

  11. I love how some jealous noobs are downvoting you. They are utter trash lol and we know who it is

  12. Lmao who are they? Name drop em please I would like to know XD

  13. Did the caltrapsprotwct u from sticking in the eye?

  14. In a way yeah. They tagged the enemies which gave me just enough resolve to go into the ultimate which protected me from the orb, & hwacha, and slam.

  15. Cool. I was thinking it's like when ppl use their own sticky to "escape" the orb. Good play! This one is Def a challenge!

  16. Thanks! So many ways to play around orbs, just got lucky here. It’s been so long since I last ran this build my play style has changed completely.

  17. Excuse me what? Lol. Bombs are the best ON Assassin in the more challenging game modes.

  18. What are you smoking? I need some of that. The fact you think bombs suck on assassin means you don’t know nothing lmao. First time I’ve ever been told to “know the game” rofl 🤣

  19. As a Stone Katana-Flash Bomb Assassin main myself, this is absolutely incredible man. Probably one of the greatest solo clears I’ve ever seen, particularly considering the map difficulty. So…you becoming a Stone convert/fan now?:)

  20. Thank you! I was panicking the entire time since I’m not super comfortable with the stone katana yet. Probably my most satisfying clear so far - was definitely sitting at the edge of my seat the entire time.

  21. Beautifully done and a pleasure to watch! Really smart and effective use of Resolve Gain to offset the loss of no legendary gear/less healing. Nice to see this man! Very cool challenge.

  22. Thanks! I wanted to shift focus from the way I normally run this build with MMC to show that if played right, the stance you use is irrelevant. The CC & resolve from flash bombs & kunai is extremely strong in Hellmode especially with assassin. Between vanish, ult, flash bombs & smoke, you can essentially be untouchable 90% of the time reducing risks to very manageable levels.

  23. Yeah it is a great example of what is possible with high player skill and understanding/using gear, perks and abilities synergies. With these synergies, indeed melee stance is not the main focus but I would not say irrelevant. Like with anytime it is used, if used here MMC would facilitate and amplify gains in ways other stances cannot match in the same way since it bypasses/breaks the melee system—even faster resolve gain and damage, etc., particularly by also allowing a player to rack up resolve and damage while safely vanished.

  24. I suppose I speak for myself when I say the stance is irrelevant. Using any other stance presents unique challenges which I am showing here can be overcome. Now that I’ve thought about it, this might not be as doable to the average player. Regardless, I am hoping to help people realize that MMC isn’t the be all end all to complete the tougher challenges in legends, and that it’s possible to look beyond whether or not a player is using MMC, and appreciate the nuances required to do challenges like this.

  25. I believe this may even be a (true) world first win of a solo on this map, without using smoke.. and I’m especially happy about it as the first solo (with smoke) on this map took so many tries. I’m still fairly new to Caltrops, but love their effect and way faster cooldown time than smoke bombs.

  26. I’d swap Status Damage on FM to Duration. Helps keep enemies flashed for longer.

  27. Thanks for the tip mate. I was thinking about it, but then thought about the reduced damage on burning blade.. but in the end without the BPBs, might be worth the change 😎

  28. Whatever losses you see on burning blade you make up for by being able to land more hits on stunned enemies = more damage overall.

  29. It’s these kinds of scores that led to the patch we have today. At some point the devs just need to realize that the annoying changes to health/counter on hit only serve to annoy the casual players. Guys like him don’t gaf.

  30. I can’t get my head around blowdarts. They just seem terrible in comparison to bows in every conceivable way. Any tips? Am I missing something??

  31. Blowdart can be great, fast resolve gain with headshots & a decent amount of damage if you’re running deadly nightshade. It doesn’t occupy a legendary spot so you can use legendaries elsewhere. Best advice I can give is practice, get a feel for it and you’ll understand how to play them well enough.

  32. 200 tries is a lot. Good on you for not giving up - congrats!

  33. Apart from a clear on aoi village by a legendary samurai main

  34. It is a great honor for you to mention me. I've seen you do a no legendary clear on Aoi before, you've completed all the maps! What a great achievement! Congratulations👍👏🎊

  35. Thank you very much! I just remember seeing your no legendary gear solo a while back and I would say it’s why I even thought to try it out to begin with. Keep putting content out there man love your videos!

  36. Okay I’m just a little new only been playing the game for a few weeks but my assassin is already 120, and I’ve never seen a bomb pack as a reward how’d you get that?

  37. It drops for Ronin only. Play that class some more and you might get forbidden medicine which is even better.

  38. Reroll the entire charm until you get the right perk & 1 max stat you want (or close to it). Then choose the stat you want to reroll until perfect. Purifying gear and using tokens will help boost the other stat to max if not already. There’s videos on YT that can explain better but that’s the gist of it.

  39. Thank you! One more map to go :)

  40. This map was hell getting through wave 3 without enough magatama to buy health, while having only 1 source to heal [vanish on an incapacitated timer].

  41. It seems like you're attacking faster than normal square attack? If so how do you do that

  42. that’s called moon master canceling. If you’re curious to learn what it is exactly there’s lots of videos on YouTube that do a good job explaining how.

  43. One of my favorite things to do is spook players with the harder maps such as B&S or twilight, and running a game with whoever stays. Usually ends up in some fun chaos reminiscent of old school nightmare. This was one of those moments.

  44. This map was a lot more difficult to complete than I initially expected. Tool shortage is brutal especially without spirit kunai. Its even worse on boss waves with modifiers like poison where I have minimal healing sources.

  45. Build @ the start of the video.

  46. wanted to see the perfect plat 7 solo. i think tg did it but want to see the video for confirmation. If its true, than thats probably the first ever. Plat 7 solo is a great achieve nonetheless, but perfect is near impossible, unless you plan it through, use barrel to it fullest and ofcourse if all the stars align in your favour with lucky smoke and spawns everywave, you just might have a chance.

  47. It was a joke, so I don’t think it’s been done yet.

  48. lol why are people down voting? Only 1 other player has done this post-patch. It's a rare achievement! 😙

  49. Could be a number of things. Cancels aren’t popular, Hunter solo gameplay probably not as popular either, the poster doesn’t have many people that stan them, and maybe it’s too long they don’t particularly care to watch? This sub has a particular set of players & gameplay styles that get traction and it doesn’t help it’s a long video on YouTube either.

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