1. I do. It's always useful to know which technologies are popular in industry currently so that you can ensure you remain easily employable

  2. The problem with this data is that it doesn't show the supply side of things. JS might be the most popular language but there are also a lot of people that know JS.

  3. Page 28 of the UK_Energy_in_Brief_2022.pdf document you link. It is the annual average.

  4. Also note that the 44000TWh figure for coal is not the "useful energy", but the "total energy". Coal power stations globally are probably of the order of 25% efficient. So of the 44000TWh, about 30000TWh is waste heat, 10000TWh is useful electricity and the rest is steel production.

  5. The data source of this graph is the

  6. I think this is what you want to do:

  7. It’s funny how some of these packages even have names that basically suggest they’re fishy. Pymocks? Great name for malware! I wonder what the package was actually marketed for, if anything at all…

  8. I don't see how Pymocks is a fishy name. If I were to build a library for mocking, I would probably give it a similar name.

  9. The error indicates that your code has an infinite loop somewhere. I don't see the error in your code. I would suggest using a debugger and add some breakpoints to see what code is getting reached.

  10. Zelf ben ik altijd een luide voorstander van kernenergie geweest,

  11. Het grote voordeel van Uranium is dat het een grote energiedichtheid heeft. Hierdoor is het in de praktijk mogelijk om gigantische voorraden aan nucleaire brandstof aan te leggen.

  12. You might have multiple python environments installed on your system.

  13. Some laptops come with software that limit the maximum battery charge. It is possible that someone set such limit on your battery.

  14. As an Ukrainian I am calling this bs.Nobody knows English outside of capital while Russian is being thought in schools.At least used to.

  15. You don't need to understand a language to realize that that language can be the most popular language. Or do Ukrainians really expect that most people in Europe or the rest of the world understand Russian?

  16. Onverwacht voor iemand die de hele maand niet in de supermarkt is geweest misschien, maar het leek mij toch vrij duidelijk.

  17. Het artikel claimt juist dat de voedselprijzen juist niet gestegen zijn.

  18. Bedrijven maken zoveel mogelijk winst binnen het kader van de wet (althans dat is de bedoeling). Het is dus aan wetgevers om iets aan woekerwinsten te doen van multinationals.

  19. Probleem is dat de grootste producenten van aardgas en aardolie staatsbedrijven zijn. De inkomsten van die bedrijven vloeit vaak rechtstreeks naar de staatskas waardoor de wetgever er natuurlijk zelf geen baat bij heeft om iets aan deze woekerwinsten te doen.

  20. This is not an easy task. Your example Soapboxlabs was build in cooperation with a university, they have a team of machine learning exports and received more than 10 million euro of funding.

  21. Nop i am not, I know exactly what i have to do, to make it possible, i am just asking is there any ready framework or model available for this task, because it will take a a lot time to train a model from scratch

  22. In that case you can just look at the research papers regarding what you are trying to do. Then use the data/models/frameworks that gave them good results.

  23. Heb je een tip voor een goed programma om dat te doen?

  24. Als je inlogt in je router kan je meestal wel een table vinden van alle verbonden apparaten. Inloggen kan je meestal als je met de browser naar gaat.

  25. A very common misconception here is that a pirated download is a lost sale.

  26. I bet there are a lot of teenagers pirating adult games that they can legally not even buy because they are underage.

  27. During a global food crisis, let's make it harder to grow food, that's a big brain move right there.

  28. They are trying to tackle nitrogen emissions. Nitrogen that ends up in the air and isn't used by plants. Overapplication of nitrogen to the soil just leads to waste. That is exactly what you don't want when there is a global shortage of fertilizer. There are plenty of places where there are actual nitrogen shortages that could use this fertilizer more effectively.

  29. Tackling a near non-issue during global warnings of famine and the UN shouting about 100 million to 1 billion dead within 5 years due to starvation.

  30. How is this a non-issue? There is currently a global fertilizer shortage so we don't want to be wasteful with our fertilizer use. All fertilizer that is turned into nitrous oxides is essentially wasted and that is exactly what we don't want at the moment.

  31. I doubt immigrants make up 5% of the population, and most speak pretty good English in my experience. Perhaps the ones who don't, combined with under 2s, make up 5%?

  32. About what? I own a Ubisoft game which I have backed up and cracked. Legally they have no way of stopping me from playing the game.

  33. There's also a problem that people post a lot of links to things and label them not safe for work. Political stuff, ruling from the court. You can't share any of that to someone without the damn app. If you try to load that in a mobile browser it basically tells you to fuck off and get the app.

  34. Have you considered just using seperate CSS style for prints?

  35. Good idea! but I'm not sure why I would need a completely separate stylesheet for that.

  36. Seperate stylesheets could be handy if you want different print settings. You could have a print to A4 or print to A3 button and load a different style sheet for each setting.

  37. Hasn't that been pretty much debunked for years now?

  38. I guess everyone has different experiences. I own a samsung A52. It is year old and already has signs of burn-in. Same as my previous phone which after 5 years of use had a pretty significant amount of burn-in.

  39. Het draait hier volgens mij niet zo zeer om energieopslag maar dat voor sommige productieprocessen gewoon hoge temperaturen nodig zijn die elektrisch niet praktisch te behalen zijn. Dan is waterstof een goed alternatief voor aardgas/cokes.

  40. En waterstof is niet alleen nuttig als brandstof. Het is ook een grondstof voor de chemische industrie. Denk aan de productie van ammoniak, methanol of waterstofperoxide. Voor dat soort producten is waterstof de enige optie.

  41. Dat is uiteindelijk wel het resultaat van dit plan. Het plan stelt voor om de import van veevoer te beperken en al het veevoer op eigen land te produceren. Zonder import van veevoer kan je de huidige veestapel niet onderhouden.

  42. It is probably easier to just create a backup of your workshop files.

  43. The problem is that you have fromDegree a static method. A static method is a method that belongs to a class rather than an instance of a class.

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