1. Great photo! Congrats on your engagement and future together

  2. Oh I just want to cuddle and smooch this gentle giant! In terms of names… nebula/nebulous, galactic/galactus, Jupiter, cronos, warp, Excalibur, Hubble, Aster/Asteroid, Cosmic

  3. Butterscotch, popcorn, Mac n Cheese, Fred. Timmothy meowlamet

  4. I remember reading all these original printings from my local library!

  5. Same but it does help open the eyes. I love your makeup.

  6. Hehe I look good naked as well I think.. but haven’t been feeling myself as of late. I needed to dress up a bit.

  7. Do whatever makes you feel good. Even men have body positivity issues but it doesn’t get addresses that often. You look great, no matter what you wear.

  8. Willie Nelson. Tequila Sunrise, pineapple, skittles

  9. This was made by my old account that I had to delete 😅

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