I work in greggs. What would you like to know?

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  1. Raja and Manila were the first queen's I loved. Season 3 was so good 😩♥️

  2. I love Dennis and Charlie plots and Dennis and Dee plots a lot but all the combinations are fun.

  3. Rumor has it that he also did a short stint making drinks for Kitty Dukakis.

  4. I went home after and someone in my game of League was called Nightman. Nobody else understood 🥲

  5. I hope the lighting isn't so bright this season again. I kinda want some of the old, gritty feel back to the show. Regardless I'm super hyped for the new seasonnnn

  6. I like podcast episodes where they just chat and banter. It's the ones where they are supposed to be talking about an episode but barely say anything about it that kinda sucks especially if it's a really good episode 😭😂

  7. Sorry but Cumbernauld shopping centre beats all of these twice over. Go and look it up if you don’t believe me

  8. Came for this comment weren't we voted the ugliest town in Scotland at one point 😂😂😂

  9. Only episode I'm glad is shorter. Most of that snatch game was yikes..

  10. Start at the beginning, it's actually really cool watching stuff like the technology improve around them. Plus s1-12 are definitely the best.

  11. We are all so basic with our identical champ pools 😂😂🫣

  12. We can do a magic bag for £1 , you get 1 pastry , 1 sandwich/baguette and one treat , or 2 pastries and one cake , other than that everything gets chucked

  13. What my shop doesn't offer this 🥺

  14. Will you ever bring back the steak and Stilton sausage roll, or even better make a steak and Stilton bake? My heart mourns their absence.

  15. I work in Greggs and this is something I miss every day. They got rid of it when they started the vegan line 😭😭 I pray one day it will return 🥲

  16. Chips and gravy with ketchup, salt and vinegar

  17. I wish they had to date everyone at least once because all of them picked someone and then didn't change their mind so it got kinda boring. Also I feel like they adding in Sejun and Minsu too late. None of the guys were going to go for Minsu because like I said they were all already infatuated with someone else 🥲

  18. It's awful. My team die and the games over before we can respawn. I don't particularly like any of the recent Aram changes. The portal is fine but I would prefer shorter Respawn times over it.

  19. Why won't he tell us the name 😭😭😂

  20. Probably worried someone will track him down if he gives the name

  21. What I'm curious about is how the players died irl because we see that some injuries are consistent in the real world so where they completely melted irl ?

  22. First season one is the best I always find the standing poses funny 😂 Also sad to see the cast members disappear as the years go on. Was so nice when there loads of them!!

  23. Thankyou for the autograph queen ♥️

  24. Midnight ahri was the first league skin I ever bought back when Ahri only had 3 skins! ♥️ I remember how excited I would get every time a new skin was announced and I can't believe how many we have now. Truly blessed with our Queen 😭♥️

  25. I bought it on Taobao through bhiner 😁😁

  26. I wish they had kept their memories or at least parts I hate when we get to see characters grow and form bonds with each other, see characters sacrifice themselves for their friends and then they don't remember any of it! Happens in so many shows/anime I've seen 😭

  27. Keyboards just make sense to him man

  28. Yeah I’ve only seen a handful of episodes between when he left and when he came back the writing just seemed to have fallen in quality

  29. It definitely happens with a lot of shows when the main cast starts to leave but I'll be giving it a shot anyway I might enjoy it still, who knows! 😁

  30. Haha hopefully by the time I've eventually caught up 😝 I'll probably end up checking out his other show though too 😁

  31. Wait season 2 is out now? 🤣🤣🫣

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