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‘I like Hitler’: Kanye West praises Nazi during Alex Jones interview

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  1. There are no credentialed medical organizations that support the notion that pornography can change a person's sexuality or gender identity. Pornography can, however, allow people to discover aspects of their sexuality or gender identity they weren't previously aware of. According to the World Health Organization’s ICD-11, sexual behavior (which includes using porn) that doesn’t align with one’s religious views, moral judgments, or cultural expectations are not symptoms of compulsive sexual behavior. Problematic porn use is about the amount of porn you use and how it impacts your life, and it has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

  2. Thank you. Every time someone accuses nofap for being a far right lgbt-hating incel movement, I’ll show them this mod comment.

  3. Gay cruise line, like a cruise ship for gay people instead of the usual old or boring straights

  4. Is this cgi? Why does it look cgi? Why hadn’t I ever seen a walrus whistled until just now 😱🤯🥹

  5. Ugh that big brown boi in the back scared the shit outta me

  6. Black English bulldogs are so cool! I only ever see black&white on Boston terriers

  7. Wow I thought this was during casting for season 2, but no it was before the show was made!

  8. How about Clemence - Lucien - Ling Yi? Lucien is (miserably) in love with Clemence, but also attracted to Ling Yi. And with Ling Yi it's not just physical - she's a vision of another world to him (apparently he hasn't learned his lesson that assuming another identity and slipping into another world doesn't solve all your problems), and he also looks to her for refuge, a safe space to let go and have a seizure.

  9. I think Lucien is not into Ling Yi, he’s just a weeb lol

  10. Bruh that little kid didn’t have to go that hard 😩😩😩 😭😭😭

  11. And then Enid beat the crap out of him

  12. Kit, and Joe too tbh, definitely looks like he lost a bit of the sunshine in his smile in the second pic

  13. Wait already?? That was only two months?? Holy shit they WORKED

  14. That guilty look in the second pic 😂😩😭😭😭

  15. As an adult heartstopper fan, I’m not ready ⚰️ season 2 bout to end me

  16. Strange times we live in where even Alex Jones is trying to pull you back from the edge.

  17. Seriously. The most surprising thing in this to me is that Alex Jones apparently does have a line

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