what’s your comfort movie?

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  1. we’re hoping to release the first episode Halloween week 👀 will update this thread as soon as there’s a link!

  2. hi friend! the podcast is live - you can follow us here

  3. 100% my comfort series, watched it more times than I can count!

  4. Definitely the Harry Potter series. When I was too poor to buy the movies I rented the series so many times from the movie store that they started asking me "Ma'am do you know that you've checked these movies out before?" like I was some senial old woman... And every time I would say "yes sir, I do" and confidently strut home in my hogwarts pajamas...

  5. omg I love this 😂 same for me - these are my comfort movies! PS: I’m watching goblet of fire while I type this 👀

  6. agreed, Jess and Ryan! but also Schmidt and Elizabeth, hate the way that ended - don’t get me wrong, I love Schmidt and Cece and they’re always endgame, but would’ve been interesting to see more of Elizabeth

  7. I use 4K Video Downloader on my laptop - you can copy and paste the YouTube link and you download it through the app, very helpful & easy to use

  8. new girl (the absolute best), brooklyn nine nine, parks and rec, the office, community, derry girls ✨

  9. They make me happy too. More so than people!

  10. midnight - toby sebastian & florence pugh ✨

  11. my best friend lives about 30-40 minutes away from me and there were so many times I wanted to stay over but hadn’t packed anything - so she gifted me a box with sleepover stuff: my own toothbrush, travel containers for my medication & skin care, pajamas, a blanket and other cute things 🥺 her and her roommate even made room on their shelf to keep the box that was my “cupboard space”. best gift ever, so wholesome 🖤

  12. I’ve always wanted to know more about the Alison Botha case!

  13. Harry Potter series, The Proposal, Mamma Mia, How to Lose A Guy in Ten Days, Booksmart, I could keep going…

  14. would you want to race in South Africa? 🇿🇦

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