1. Thank you for your reply. It’s just disappointing that after all the research I’ve done, when I finally went to lock in this place it has now become out of my budget. Frustrating.

  2. You showed a desire for the place before locking the price. That opens up the deal to a price increase. Lesson learned, no matter how dodgy it is

  3. What are Russia going to do? Attack an American flagged ship carrying American military vehicles?

  4. Currently in the Netherlands. Pls don’t blow it up

  5. Did you scrub off the paint or something? Just sounds bizarre. You mopped, which is more than I’ve ever done checking out.

  6. After asking for proof, they sent photos, complaining the place was in a state. These photos were: inside the toaster (crumbs were left), a small mark on the corner of the bin, water marks on the shower screen, door mat (looks like normal use), a corner I must have missed with the vacuum…

  7. Unless you live in the Royal palace, don’t sound like anything significant. Let alone terrible enough for a fine. You’re getting scammed.

  8. when that happens to me, and it happens a lot :( , I go to a store to buy oil and a plastic folder. Oil the folder then put it in between the frame and the door, under the knob, and push up while pushing and puling the door... it opens in 10 seconds.

  9. It happens a lot, you mean you lose your keys often?

  10. Any article with a question mark in the title can be answered with “no”

  11. I wondered if that was the case. I found another place that I like better, but of course more $. Yes crappy…I’m not impressed.

  12. For those thinking regular people in the US have lost interest, we have not. I still have a Ukranian flag in front of my house, we donate every penny we can to war relief. The majority of homes in our area also have Ukranian flags flying. We have not forgotten. We will not forget.

  13. Meanwhile in Serbia there’s quite a few Russian flags. :/

  14. every other day I see a video on here with some crazy passenger(s) on a flight going absolutely berserk. Flying is scary enough. Who wants to be stuck in a metal tube 30,000ft up in the air with a psycho zombie?

  15. I’ve been on a hundred flights and never encounter those maniacs. But I also evade the USA.

  16. Dominican Republic I guess. OP could’ve taken the effort to spell it out.

  17. Just turn on Motion Smoothing on your TV and enjoy your switch games.

  18. Haha French police 😂 (I’m French and it’s clearly not the first time they do that)

  19. Except the host mentioned the owner. Pretty weird the owner of the house doesn’t know about renters.

  20. The host says the owner has mental issues. Read it again. The owner doesn’t even know who’s renting their place on Airbnb. Sounds like an illegal sublet.

  21. “No woman no cry” -Bob Marley

  22. Gamedev here. Sounds like a little bug, either the wrong clip was played, or (unlikely) the female line doesn’t even exist. It’s not a bizarre attempt at misgendering your character. 🥲

  23. Not only that, but it also requires training to use. I was surprised that Zelensky was requesting it last year, unless he doesn’t understand its limitations.

  24. I’m sure the system comes with a few Israelis who know their way around it, and it’s not just packed in a box delivered to Kyiv

  25. What's really a travesty is that we're going back to Eldraine (which really didn't leave any hooks to prompt a return) before Tarkir (or Alara but that's something else entirely).

  26. Eldraine felt a bit rushed, so I’m all for a reexploration. Would love a Lorwyn set tho

  27. It's so fucked up that they're all so desensitized to getting shot at.

  28. The digital release of ONE is literally today and you're already wanting a new set before even playing with the cards that were released?

  29. Tik tok generation. Look at phone while watching tv while with friends while at a hangout

  30. Breath of the wild. You could beat the game without doing most of the stuff probably but there is so much amazing stuff to explore and do

  31. Literally most of the game is optional

  32. Yea it’s cool. It really made it rewarding discovering and exploring because it felt like something that never had to be found. Like I really was discovering some secret new thing or area. Even after I played and beat all the side missions I looked up some videos and found all sorts of crazy stuff to find after 200 hours of playing like the glowing horse

  33. Many people find all this random stuff in any order. For example caves, treasures and a phenomenon like that glowing horse I found by accident as well. You probably weren’t supposed to find everything, except as a 100%

  34. Fair point, I never tried to dispute an iDEAL charge yet

  35. I did and it didn’t work. :( Even got the police involved.

  36. Coming from using other systems, I got spoiled using iDEAL. At this point I may not purchase from a vendor who doesn’t offer it unless I really need the item.

  37. This. The moment you need to pay internationally and they go “hey please sign up for moneyMaster or lordofcash account, that’s what we use here.”

  38. “I had a nice relationship but after reading about bad marriages I decided to break up”

  39. I feel like explore and connive are two sides of the same coin, but they don’t wanna make the coin. Just like how everything is kicker, you can make a mechanic “loot, if it’s X do Y.”

  40. Buddy up! Report each other a couple of times and split the reward.

  41. Both of you get fired tho. And no way the boss is giving 60$ to both of you.

  42. Steve here, please have a look at my Ted talk on this topic

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