1. You should get it from wealthsimple in one or two business days.

  2. Nice lol. I'll have to go check that out

  3. Coyote and Jessica and Bud and Alison were married.

  4. You have really nice legs. The pic on the right makes your legs look even bigger and more muscular.

  5. Digrin is a good website. Usually show 5yr, 10yr, 15yr, and 20yr dividend growth

  6. The thing about being ugly is that attractiveness is objective. You have Benedick Cucumberpeach or Kylo Ren guy as examples.

  7. Attractiveness is not objective it's subjective. Everyone likes different things and ppl.

  8. Anyone own Dollarama? Don’t see it as ever being a big dividend payer but the growth is certainly there.

  9. I own it. Bought in at around $55. It's been my best performing stock by far.

  10. Hand job. My dick gets very sensitive when getting sucked and most guys dont know how to properly suck a big dick.

  11. Yeah it was a huge twist. When u watch it a second time it seems so obvious. Probably the biggest twist of any season and made s2 my second favorite after season 3

  12. Why do we hs s two sixes and no 7? Was there a perfect tie that round?

  13. Yes. They both had 188 votes that round

  14. A gay porn star with a massive and thick cock.

  15. So cute. Did he try and run on the ice? Lol

  16. Not on my app. I pretty much only check Reddit on my cell. Maybe I’ll update and it will work the way you claim it does. Not sure why you’re getting all sensitive about this, it’s nothing personal, literally just saying I am experiencing the same issue with sorting comments.

  17. I'm not getting sensitive. You just have to look and you'll find it and this feature has been on there for a long time it isn't something that was needed just for a recent update

  18. Not Another Teen Movie (2001) the scene when Chris Evan’s is in a whip cream bikini. I was only 9 but I knew I liked what I saw lol

  19. I hate to say this because I hate the Weston family but presidents choice is by far the best frozen pizza imo (especially the the spinach one).

  20. You may have posted the wrong picture then, I see one with Kai eliminated and one with both Kai and Lani crossed out at 6

  21. I did accidentally. I couldn't edit it after

  22. I got my dividends from xei and td this morning. Its nice seeing the email notifications when you wake up in the morning.

  23. That's what i was thinking 😂😂😂😂

  24. Can someone please explain these votings to me? What do the numbers mean I’m so confused and every time I see it I keep not asking

  25. Each round the least fav person is voted out. Shane is 15 so he is the least fav overall.

  26. 1.) Thank you for creating these polls. They are a lot of fun!

  27. Im voting for Nicole till she is eliminated

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