Looking down non Lewis - Barca.

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Driver of the Day: Lewis Hamilton

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  1. "You're looking down on me, aren't you?" -Said Hamilton before splitting up into a billion little Hamiltons

  2. A team and WR being far apart in that is a thing. Heh....sigh.....

  3. "What are we? Some sort of holdout squad?" -Adams to Samuel, McLaurin, AJ Brown et all.

  4. Todd Gurley, a standout Ram from 2015 to 2019 before struggling to stand at all, doesn't wish to play football again

  5. At the rate these prices are increasing, Stephen Ross will essentially be hosting a superbowl every year

  6. I feel for the people still needing winter clothing in late May.

  7. The voice of reason. 4.3 mil in dead cap cutting Jack who had one bad season. L

  8. Kevin King has to tackle with his head due to all the injuries from tackling with his shoulders

  9. I've been hoping it's Ariana Grande for a few years now, but maybe they go another direction

  10. Zhou has been very unlucky but he needs to do better.

  11. Hard for Zhou to do better when the car constantly dies on him before lap 10

  12. There's a shirtless Burrow pick in the first reply and holy shit!

  13. The pads really hide whatever is under them, because a few tweets lower there is Mac "Dad bod" Jones

  14. I'm not trying to be an asshole to Latifi, but when Albon is behind him 40+ seconds after consecutive races of decent to good performances, you know there's something wrong with the car

  15. It’s very hard to turn off your opponents engine tbf lmao

  16. I feel that if Belichick was an F1 strategist he would find way to do it

  17. That was Perez's win. I hate the way they treat him.

  18. Please for the love of Zeus make this man sell the team.

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