1. Another leak might just have happened yesterday regarding the chinese J-8B. Thread over at

  2. In Röki, there are two achievements relating to Tomte, which is the name used for gnomes in sweden.

  3. It's based on a lot of metrics, the most visible being tags. For example on the last image, all games that are recommended to you based on Karlson also share multiple tags, i.e. First-Person, FPS, Action, Shooter, and Mutliplayer. The games are also some of the most popular in those categories, hence being recommended to you.

  4. An option to filter the wishlist for games with demos would be cool aswell.

  5. Unsere hat jährliche Gebühren (20€) und für manche Medien einen kleinen Zusatzbetrag, aber dadurch auch Zugang auf den riesigen Katalog aus allen Zweigstellen, Onlineangebot wird auch immer größer. Dazu regelmäßige kulturelle Veranstaltungen, Spieleabende etc., echt eine super Institution <3

  6. Undertale unfortunately. I really want to love it, but it's hard to get into knowing so much about the game because it was just so hugely popular.

  7. Absolutely, still loved it but looking back, I'd probably have enjoyed it more if I didn't knew about certain mechanics and, the most important aspect for me, some songs.

  8. Then what's the point of the original going away if we have a version that's the same but with more content

  9. Friday the 13th came out two years after Slayaway Camp.

  10. It depends, some things are modifications in speedchoice, others are settings in the randomizer. "Catch Em All Mode" is a setting of the randomizer. For a rule of thumb: If a setting can be changed ingame, then it's usually part of speedchoice.

  11. Shut down steam before shutting down your PC, then it should only appear when an actual update happens. If you leave steam running while shutting down the PC, steam may think that the PC crashed and potentially corrupted files, leading to steam verifying itself on next startup.

  12. Sounds Indonesian. Don’t understand

  13. F1 meme, ferrari made a similar poster once that was supposed to read "Race Week" but ended up being more like "Rawe Ceek".

  14. Sometimes steam does a stupid and adds games that should not be visible (i.e. profile picture limited) or removes games that should be there. The achievement showcases on your profile also sometimes derp around. Gaining an achievement usually fixes it. Has been around for years aswell, so it'll happen again.

  15. If you enjoyed Persona, Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster is part of the OG-series that persona is a spin-off from, and Soul Hackers 2 is part of another spin-off series of SMT.

  16. the sad part is all the stupid wrestling fans going through the comments and downvoting the people who realise how inhumane this is

  17. That was pretty much the point of this match. The guy getting cut (Chris Jericho) wanted to have a match against a different guy (MJF, not shown in this clip), but he refused, unless Jericho would succeed beating his challenges, called the "5 labors of Jericho". Those matches were designed to be nearly impossible to win by burdening Jericho with huge disadvantages.

  18. TL;DR for those who don't want to read the article: Publisher Nyu Media is shutting down, while they managed to hand over most of their other published titles (except for the Cherry Tree High series of games), they were not able to contact the developers of the eXceed games. Unless the dev responses, the games will be delisted on January 6th.

  19. Looks like the artist retouched the pic and deleted the original tweet,

  20. Only 5? I remember having way more than that.

  21. Spending money on the ingame store also gives you cards, roughly 9$ spent per additional card.

  22. It's a non-released game in preparation stage and there are hundreds of them at once on SteamDB, so why are you particularly interested in this instance? Did you think it's special to see such package? There are thousands of them as maybe only half of SteamDB packages are sold in Steam Store and rest is kept for the publisher/developers own purposes, sometimes having no information as in SteamDB.

  23. It's kinda sticking out due to being listed under the

  24. Hallo AN ALLE Also BITTE ! Bitte den Kommentarspeicher nicht mit " unnötigen " Kommentaren überlasten und lieber mal die SuFu verwenden ! ! !

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