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When laughter meets percussion

  1. It's gotten massive tbh mate - work's been hectic but it should slow down in the next couple of weeks so if I can, I will update it. I started this over lockdown when there was no content, but these days we're not waiting ages for news or content, so it's not needed as much

  2. Totally makes sense. I appreiate it all being in one place for casuals, maybe you can make it smaller if you do want to do it in the future? Like just cast title and date.

  3. What happened it has been removed and it looks like it was good with 17k upvotes

  4. https://www.reddit.com/r/HolUp/comments/vogjpf/barbara_commuting_4th_degree_murder_here/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

  5. Thank you so much. Desperately wish I'd seen this before getting a new phone, lost 2 months of messages, better than ~100,000 though

  6. Thank you so much. I used [1], it's just like the one I had on my other phone, really happy with it

  7. In Mish & Zach's Leguizamarama Episode 39 ~26:00 Zach talks about how much he likes Kevin Smith

  8. Is no-one else tired of them putting themselves through this when they clearly don't enjoy it?

  9. From now on we shall call him Meth Damon.

  10. Ironically, the actor for Alladin, Mena Massoud, is rumored to be playing a certain character in the Star Wars universe soon...

  11. This is the Aunty Donna I love the most, just mates chatting and making each other laugh with the occasional character popping in

  12. I think anything MoM related has to have a spoiler tag for rn

  13. Was she an actual Karen or are you wanting us to judge a book by its cover?

  14. Lol what? It literally does though. Literally people in our politics are paid by other countries. For example, members of the GOP being backed by Russian money.

  15. It doesn't take a foreign national, not that foreign nationals don't do it

  16. I think it looks legit enough. Props to the guy who made the diorama. It looks seriously realistic ☺️

  17. Maso: Most of The Northman was filmed in Northern Ireland due to COVID restrictions

  18. I always wondered, since he drives a car rather than ride a bike, shouldn’t he be called Ghost Driver?

  19. If they bring him back, I don't want to have to watch AOS to understand his backstory.

  20. I would jump in at Season 3 if you wanted to give it a proper go, with more freedom from the movies, the show only got better

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