1. Wow, congratulations! This is so encouraging to hear 💜

  2. HOA is $1,129.02 per quarter. From what I saw on a real estate website, of another unit in community selling, it said HOA was over $400 per month, so I suspect they will be increasing soon.

  3. I don't know, my landlord just gave his asking price and the HOA fees per quarter.

  4. Ordered one! I'm excited about it arriving! 😃

  5. When I installed Pop OS, I was so surprised at how easily it found my printer, and it just worked! No struggle or fuss like with windows. I did further tweak it with CUPS and the printing quality was better. I am still learning Linux, but I am very impressed with it!

  6. Thank you! I'm glad I found this, as I was consider purchasing one for my typewriters :)

  7. I received mine today. 1 Sheaffer carbon fountain pen and 1 Sheaffer carbon ballpoint. I am annoyed they couldn't even send two different pens.... Last year, I received an aluminum Parker, and a Sheaffer ballpoint. Not so sure I'm going to do next years, this year was a big disappoint, imho.

  8. I just finished reading about them more in depth, and it sounds like it could be.

  9. If you dig out the mulch around it you can see if it's trapped there or what's going on with it

  10. Wirte up a little character profile sheet. Include a Pic even if you want to. What they like, what they dislike, fav food, age, who they like, who they dislike, fears, and all that.

  11. Yes! I do this for my characters also and add important tidbits over time and as needed.

  12. I made this point to my friend the other day... All the really great pen makers are from former Axis nations. I guess they had to refocus their manufacturing after the war...

  13. You all just combined two of my favorites, pens and history! Great thread!

  14. A way to filter emails by recipient would be great! As right now it can only be done by sender and subject. Thank you!

  15. That's beautiful! I can't wait to pick up a bottle of this now!

  16. That's true, but how do you know don't have it? By the time you realize you've caught it, you've been spreading it around for up to 2 weeks (assuming you weren't masked up). Maybe you're asymptomatic which is great because of the low infection rate. But, low doesn't mean zero. And for something we have no cure for, that's deadly. For funsies let's say you're pre-symptomatic (haven't shown symptoms yet), then you're infecting the people around you just as much as a sick person.

  17. People have been doing test with the mask. The carbon dioxide levels are reaching dangerous levels. We're not meant to keep breathing in CO2, thats toxic for us. Nurses and Doctors have said this. They've also said that viruses are so small, they pass through mask. That they're really only effective on bacteria, not viruses.

  18. If this is true I'd love to see sources. Nurses, lab techs, and etc wear them for whole shifts and I don't see why only now this concern is popping up.


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