1. Was visiting with my mom after Thanksgiving dinner - she said they'd need eggs a couple of days ago but the store was so crowded they didn't bother.

  2. I find it incredible this is a brand new account, made today, with so much karma.

  3. I posted a current picture of the kitchen so you can see it’s really my kitchen, I’m real, and not lying. 😅

  4. Why'd you post it 8 months ago, then delete it and your account?

  5. I would give them no business over this, but I already don't give them any business. Dammit.

  6. My grandma can’t be killed, the thoughts and prayers made her immortal

  7. Mine can't be killed... all the 'positive energy' and 'good vibes' sent her way made her immortal.

  8. Who actually still gives af about covid in the west? Especially to this extent?

  9. He's an annoying little bastard, don't get me wrong, but apparently Beto has been has always been his (nick)name.

  10. It sounds like some retroactively made up bullshit to cover his ass once it was pointed out he was pandering - a bit like Tard the Cat being renamed Tater Sauce a/k/a Tard to cover their ass.

  11. I was in Chemistry I in HS in the 90s. Haven't we found more elements since then?

  12. I wonder if these are pond fish and they think they're helping them out by bringing them inside for the winter???

  13. Srs I was there too! And while there are outfits from my 1995 issues of Seventeen that I’m still trying to replicate as an adult, it’s not at aaaaalllllll because they’re timeless or classic it’s because they pinged so hard on my teenage brain that they formed my sense of style from then on.

  14. I found some NOS 1990s Rocky jeans at a Dirt Cheap type store a couple of years ago - my size. Still had all the original tags! I WAS SO EXCITED because - real! Denim! NO Stretch.

  15. Contempo Casuals? Was that regional? I loved that store.

  16. I don't remember that one... but Mervyns was an 80s store I loved.

  17. Maybe someone who was not a member of the sect called 911?

  18. We didn't have 911 here in the 80s and cellphones were non-existent. Someone had to find a landline and make the call. This was a church only get together, so I suspect it was someone of a younger generation with actual sense that did it.

  19. "911" has become analogous to Kleenex or Kotex in that it's a generic term for a specific good or service.

  20. And yet it was still important for me to explain this happened during a decade when you had to pick up a rotary phone, dial the full phone number to the hospital or the SO for a dispatch... and then wait and hope they could find you since GPS didn't exist then either.

  21. Lockdowns didn't occur coast to coast. States and municipalities made their choices.

  22. I'm so proud I worked so hard for nothing in return

  23. I got paid by my job and I kept my job, I didn't spend money on masks which don't work, and I'm not at risk of sudden heart failure due to an experimental "vaccine" which neither I, nor my family, could sue for if it killed me.

  24. Once I was like "My bra is digging in and I don't like how it looks in back" and someone was like "I think that's fine, it's suppose to fit tight and I don't mind it." Like ok.

  25. Srs - I asked about ye old shoulder tracks I have, and I am a 38E, and everyone told me to get a tighter band, that the BAND holds the boobs up.

  26. Bruh...Michael Gary Scott drove into the lake because he trusted his GPS over the other passenger (Dwight k. Schrute)

  27. Yeah, someone else also essplained it. My bad. I've never watched The Office.

  28. Never too late to start. Other than it's always sunny and Seinfeld it is far and away the best show

  29. All are on my binge list - it's just getting time to binge.

  30. There's nothing like growing your own food to make you realize how wonderful grocery stores really are - look i can just buy pickles whenever i want!

  31. I planted a massive garden this spring... then the rain stopped, didn't start again till a few weeks ago - and we have terrible soil anyway. I couldn't water it enough.

  32. We have them here in SE Oklahoma too! I've never seen them, but hubs was bass fishing and went way up a feeder river at a local lake, and they were there, playing and doing otter things. Said it was one of the coolest things he's experienced in all his years fishing.

  33. If you had a problem with someone and was tired of their shit, you could call them out, whip their ass (or at least put in a respectable showing) and it was over.

  34. And your friends kept it even - someone tried to dog pile you instead of 1 on 1, they got put in a half-nelson and dragged off.

  35. The one and only time I ever got anything with a 5 finger discount was a handful of carmex in the little white jars, off the counter of the local EZ Mart. 1992ish.

  36. The pendulum WILL swing back in the other direction. When, IDK. The problem with humans is, it swings wildly in one direction, then wildly in another. The backlash is coming, and it will just as horrible in the opposite direction.

  37. What a time to be alive. Someone else joked that Scorpions' Winds of Change is playing in the distance, but I remember seeing the Berlin Wall come down - it was 24/7 news then. The video to that song will forever bring back the memory of those people tearing down the wall, the determination and then the joy on their faces.

  38. Your AR stands no chance against US military tech.

  39. I like the squirrel! They remind me of my childhood. My aunt had them hanging from posts on her porch and on trees. I found one at an estate sale that is now on my back deck.

  40. Yeah, this is exactly my point. It's humorous to me the different replies I got to my comment.

  41. A good friend found himself paralyzed after a freak car accident. He was denied repeatedly until he got an attorney. Took him years to adapt.

  42. The delicious, but uneaten leftovers get divvied up and sent home with family or eaten the next day, IME.

  43. Taking a shit while being a Commander truly was something else

  44. I miss being able to call in a cruise missile and clearing out an area that's being pushed.

  45. You literally never saw this movie, and the only people that said it was a “female centric” Pirated was from outlets that focused on the Margot casting. You don’t know if it would have been good or bad, you just have your own bias.

  46. History has left us with a bad taste in our mouth. Yes, there's a bias and Hollywood earned it fairly.

  47. How do you know the female led movie would not have made a good movie?

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