1. I can understand not loving the baggy jean look, it’s not for everyone. But actively preferring something low waisted … that is a CHOICE

  2. If you’ve been seeing him for a year & you still don’t know if your relationship is exclusive, it’s probably time to tell him you need to understand what your relationship is & ask what the deal is. I can’t imagine what type of a head fuck this must be for you. Rip off the Band-Aid now.

  3. Spankie or Kween for sure. I love them so much

  4. Some are even better after a little time open! I’d always opt to keep it covered with a cap or cork though

  5. These things scare the shit out of me! When I was a kid we had a pond full of fish then suddenly all the fish started dying but we didn’t know why… until we found one of these guys in there

  6. I love glow recipe personally, it’s a bit expensive but the products I use of theirs are worth it imho

  7. My short haired bebby had fur like this when she was a kitten. I reckon short/medium

  8. It’s winter solstice where I am, so I’m celebrating by doing a little candle & manifestation ritual followed by a gratitude meditation 🧘‍♀️

  9. Huge disagree. That outfit was awful & would look shit on anyone

  10. Jeffrey Seinfeld dating a 17 year old when he was 38

  11. “If we catch our own fish & bring it in, would the chef cook it for us?”

  12. With Jamie-- its obnoxious, completely inappropriate, and an insight into his character.

  13. I don’t really think alcohol edit: “explains” that kind of thing, if anything I think the alcohol enables them to say what they really think & shows more about who they are than if they were sober & dealt with the situation

  14. See the edit. Agree that inhibitions are lowered when drinking, but I don’t think that every male out there would have the same outburst he did in that situation. It shows a lot about his character & what he thinks of women regardless.

  15. Top left: selenite, middle: black tourmaline, bottom left: rose quartz, bottom right: citrine

  16. Could be heat affected. Speak to wherever you bought it from

  17. Dear lord, throw that the fuck out. Or put it in your roommates room until they decide to do it themselves. That is nasty as fuck & you’re all breathing those mould spores in

  18. The straddling combined with the sex painting was just too damn much. Try to revive your sex life off camera please, I hate this trend of housewives trying to force sexiness on camera

  19. I got 6 figures in savings buddy and I didn’t get there spending on entertainment. It’s a new age with the internet and I’m just taking advantage of the times I’m living in because this opportunity wasn’t available in the past.

  20. I can’t even believe how much I’m cackling at your posts right now. Not because I’m laughing with you, but because I’m laughing AT you for being the ultimate in cringe posting.

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